Saturday, October 06, 2007

What will you choose?

Make everyone happy by doing what they like
Be happy yourself but disliked by others

Sleep when you are extremely tired
Stay awake to help your friend throughout the night

Telling straight to your friend that you don’t agree with them
Just compromise and try to make them happy

Save up a few meals so that you are able to bless others
Just eat, not that they are expecting much for us anyways

Tell the person you like them and risking the friendship
Be happy for them even when they are with others

Being in a funeral to console your friend
Appear in you long planned birthday

Speaking out your thoughts not caring that you’ll hurt others
Keep quite and contain the debates in our own heart

To be happy
To see people happy

Disturb others when you are bored
Stay bored and let them use their time more usefully?

* These are random stuff that doesn’t really make much sense and is written when I’m half asleep.

1 comment:

[>Rift<] said...

Depends on my mood really. Though if you're really having that much trouble deciding, try flip a coin.