Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chain Of Incidents

What else can go wrong? I was very home sick yesterday, everyone is going home for Raya, at least most of them. But that is not the story for today.
Today was the first day of exam, pretty exciting, woke up later then usual. Going into the lab, all set, the reagents are all on my table as they only have limited space in the lab and was left lift with little place to work with.
I sort of started the “breaking chain”. First, I broke the burette, then my Bunsen burner was not functioning, then later the specimen bottle broke. Later, my lab partner on the tap and my paper was wet. The reagents given were not enough and I needed more. Later, I realized that I was running out of time and started writing the wrong stuff on my paper. What more can go wrong?
Maybe I wasn’t prepared enough for the paper. Maybe I wasn’t focus enough. Maybe I was just too slow. Maybe I am just not smart enough. But in everything, there is surely something to be thankful about. hmmm... I’m just glad that no one was hurt throughout the experiments and that at least I finished the paper.
What a way to start the exam…

Then came the question from Azeim, what if we can’t make it? What if we can’t fly? What if we can’t meet the requirement…

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[>Rift<] said...

What if you can't fly? Then you walk. Maybe someday, you'll learn to fly. Or better yet, just buy yourself a plane.

Though what with plane crashes and accidents these days, question is, do you really want to fly in the first place?