Friday, November 16, 2007

Evaluation time

There are times that we just feel uneasy; something is playing in our mind. But the worst is we don’t know what the thing that is bothering us is.

1. What comes first in our life? Well, the answer is of cause God. But often, when people start serving, and be too engrossed, they might loose focus or I would like to say focusing on the wrong thing. With me, it all started with God - serving Him, doing His work, just happy being there with Him. But at times, it feels like I’m trying to please other people rather than Him. But we can connect the situation like, that person loves Him, so if you help that person, indirectly, you are pleasing Him. What I mean is that the things we are doing is not wrong, but we still do it out of the inconvenience, they might not know, but I’m pretty sure that He knows what’s in our heart. But are we really trying to please Him or please human? Often, we need to just sit down and evaluate.

2. Practice makes perfect. But when you are practicing the wrong thing, you’ll be perfectly doing the wrong thing. And in the long run, it’ll turn into routine and before you know it, it’ll be a habit. For example, when someone wants to play guitar, he has minimum knowledge of what is going on. If he continues to practice the wrong way, he’ll be the guitarist that is perfectly playing in the wrong beat all the time. And all his practices are some sort of useless. All he needs is someone good to be able to take some time out and teach. And when he practices the right thing, with the same amount of time, he might turn into a good guitarist. All I’m saying is that if we practice the right thing, we can be a master of it and when we practice the wrong thing, we might turn out to be the master of disaster. So, maybe we should sit down and evaluate if we are practicing the right things in life.

3. Everything in life had been easy for you. You have been the most popular person around, you have been the smartest person around, and everyone loves you. What if one day, when you go to a new place, everyone ignores you, all that you do is insignificant to them, you are not as smart as you used to be and things around seem to fall apart, and suddenly, you are a nobody. Well, it will be quite an impact I would say. But never the least, just be yourself, do the things that is good and continue to walk the righteous way. People noticing our presence is not that important after all. When no one is watching, we know that He’ll be there to lead us, guide us, and is always there for us. Maybe its time for us to sit down and evaluate our actions and if you’re right, don’t change for the sake of fitting in.

* Am finally back home. Having lots of time to evaluate and ponder about the things that have been going around. Sometimes, in our hectic lives, we might want to take some time out and just look at things around. Maybe there are more good around that you think there are.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second last paper for the year

Second last paper today =D. It has been some time now since my exams started. There’s just something within, troubling, confusing, can’t be explained.

Well, maybe this is just a phase that everyone has to go through. But I know that as long as I continue to have faith and continue to trust, He will indeed provide the best for each and everyone of us. But its His timing. Just continue to wait upon Him patiently.

Am going back to Ipoh today, a place where everything is planned out for you, a place where you know that everyone cares, a place you know that they will be by your side when you are down, a place where you know that anything comes your way, people around you will defend and support you till the very end. A place where you know that love is everywhere, a place where you can be still, a place that you can rest, a place where you can call HOME. =D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New day,
New beginning!!!
It will be a great and fruitful day!!!
I will rejoice and be glad in it. =D
Thank God for all that He had restored for me =D
All i need to do is step out and proclaim it.
Today will indeed be a good day!!!
I believe!!!
I hope and I have faith!!!

Yesterday is history
And history is miles away
So leave it all behind you
Let it always remind you of the day
The day that love made history

You know you can't stay right where you fell
The hardest part is forgiving yourself
But let's take a walk into today
And don't let your past get in the way

Matthew West (HISTORY)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I like physics.
I like Subang.
I like the weather.
I like the house.
I like the library.
I like you.
I like myself.

A thinking of a person who is about to go crazy or a person who looks at things positively?

Monday, November 12, 2007


Don't think about anything else!!!
Just focus!!!
I say focus!!!
I'm focusing!!!
Yeap, keep telling yourself that!!!
Oooi, focus!!!
... focus lar...!!!
k k .. Focus!!!
Focusing to focus!!!
Ya lar... focus!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


“I realized that you don’t like to make decisions”

How can someone make a decision when you know that all your current choices will lead to nothing but miseries?
How can you make a choice when you have totally no knowledge about the situation? or limited knowledge?
How can you make a decision when you know that either party will get hurt? Or will be offended.

But then in life, there are many times that we have to decide in life. And we have to live with the consequences. Its not fair to leave it to others to make decisions in your life. Learn to make decisions, learn to take responsibilities. Learn to set the pros and cons and make decisions even though you have to live with the cons. If everything is as easy as a pancake, where’s the excitement anyways?

It always seems easier when we don’t have to make a decision. But life goes on, and the decisions we make now determines our future. Thanks for that statement and thanks for reminding.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I don't want to stay here anymore... i just want to go home!!!


Voice 1:
What good are you here? It makes no difference. Where is the restart button? Or even better, the delete button in life. You have done nothing much but brought people heart ache and miseries into their life. What’s the point of being good to everyone when you yourself are not feeling good? You’ve been a hypocrite without any personalities. You’ve done many things that you know you shouldn’t have done. Quit trying to be good. Quit smiling when you’re sad. Quit being good to people. Its not like they can’t live without you. Stop trying to be a good person. There are more outside then the na├»ve world that you are living in. You’ve been weak since you came here. You never cried back then. What made you a weakling? What’s good of you when you still perform badly even after so much effort and planning and preparation? I just want to leave this place. What would it be like if you have never come here? All your close friends are leaving one by one anyways. There’s no one here that really cares, they have their own life to live. Perhaps its time for you to leave this place as well. Nothing worth dwelling. Anyways, this place always makes you sick. Just leave everything behind. Don’t bother, not a single soul will even realize.

Voice 2:
Think about all the good things that had happened here. Think about all the awesome people around. Those who are forever encouraging and will always spend time and be with you. Think about how you’ve grown spiritually since you came here. Think about all the people that were happy because of you. Think about the difference you have made. You’re not weak, you’re improving. Your time here might be a challenge but you will surely have a year of increase ahead. Continue to believe. Continue to have faith and hope. Continue to give. Continue to take responsibilities. You know you can’t turn back time but you can surely make up for the lost time. There are still many friends here. You have everything here. Everything is provided for you. What else do you expect more? Learn to be thankful. Learn to have commitment. Learn from your mistakes and stop criticizing yourself. Continue to live happily and make the best out of the time you have left here.

There are many voices telling us different things in life. How we feel and act often depends on which voices we follow… But for now, I just want to go HOME!!! It’s a peaceful place where you know that all things are planned out for you and that you have nothing to worry about.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Decision Making

There are many things in life that lead us to make decisions. How to decide? For whom your decisions are based upon? What is the solution?

Do upon others what you want others to do unto you.
You know that this is not what you want people to treat you if future. But your decision might bring benefits to others. Hurting one person deeply and pleasing others, can this be justified? What is ‘correct decision?’ Of cause it first has to be pleasing in God’s eyes. After that, which come next - Our close ones, or the third party, or me?

But there are pros and cons in all decisions we make. Are we supposed to make the decision that pleases the most people? Are we supposed to make the decision that brings us most benefit? Are we suppose to make the decision based on the long run and short run cost and benefit – private and external? Or do we just let it be and follow the flow? Well, different situation requires different ways of handling it. We can come to the same conclusion despite the different route taken. However, the journey taken does matter.

Sometimes things might be hard to decide. Are our decisions being disrespectful, arrogant, selfish, hypocritical … haih… Its just hard to please everyone, especially when all sides are neutral. I realized that from every different angle you look, there are just different translations of our actions. Even history is different based on who is telling the story.

Study the people God brought into your life. Some need encouragement, time, space, affirmation… It takes an unselfish person to do this upon other person. If every of your friend needs half an hour from you everyday. What is the maximum level of friends you can fit in then? Of cause we can’t calculate it this way. But some choices we make tend to push some away and bring some closer to us.

Simple things we do can make a great difference. A simple explanation will keep us out of lots of troubles. Much of this can be avoided when we are able to make a simple and firm decision.

To be bad for once or to feel bad forever? To satisfy which party? There is always opportunity cost. Who should we seek direction from? 1. God (are we actually listening?) 2. Our family. 3. Our leaders. 4. Our trusted friend.

Some decisions just take longer time to make – for example, who to marry, how to budget for the year… But some should take a shorter time – what to eat, what time should I sleep… But some are just stuck in the grey area.

Conclusion, the longer we drag, the more difficult the situation MIGHT turn out to be. Make a firm decision and be committed to it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Little things in Life

Human just like to complain. The hundreds of good things you do for them, they sometimes just rather remember the few wrongs you did. Haih…
Learn!!! Learn to see even the small things that people do. Don’t just complain!!! People might be tired hearing us complain day and night.
And when the things has pass, just let it go. Don’t keep it in your mind forever. Something are good to remember. But people’s fault, as long as they are willing to change, don’t penalize them if they accidentally do it once or twice, as long as they are aware of it.
Sometimes, we tend to overlook the good things people do for us. They do it everyday, it becomes a habit. And we often forget to thank them. it has become such a usual routine that we often overlooked their kindness.
But that’s not the real thing I want to share.

Here’s just something I wanted to share:
That day, my dad was driving us back to Ipoh. I always fall asleep in the car. Every time we travel, I will just doze off. This time, it was night. Well, its not the first time we travel at night, in fact, we do it very often. But this time, I tried to stay up for the whole journey. TRIED. It wasn’t easy. I think I dose off here and there and eventually fell asleep. Only then I realize that its not an easy thing to drive a long journey, especially at night. Everything left and right seems the same. Not easy to focus and stay alert the whole journey.
I was just amazed. Every time I get into the car, I know that I’ll reach my destination safely. And as time pass, I took it for granted.
I’ll always say thank you after every journey. Often, it was said too easily. I mean, you are brought up saying it. So its basically already programmed in you.
Such a wonderful thing people do for us. =D
Am just so so so blessed =D

Sunday, November 04, 2007


[Verse One:]
All things are possible for you
All things are possible
Nothing's too difficult for you
Nothing's to difficult
I'm ready for change
Ready for rain
Ready for favor I know you able to

Turn it around
Open the windows of Heaven
Pour out a blessing overflow
Turn it around
Open the windows of Heaven
Pour out a blessing
We cannot contain
Let it rain
Let it rain

You have turned
My mourning to dancing
You've turned
My sorrow to joy
You have turned
My whole life around
Thank you
Thank you Lord

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lagging life

We are loved we cared.
Some more than the others.
It’s up to us to choose how we want to live.

Hit when the iron is hot.
Don’t let opportunities escape.

Carpe diem,
Seize the day!!
Play hard, Study hard, work hard and pray hard!!!

Draw the line now, look at it clearly.
Make sure that we’ll be far better then where we are now.

Release ourselves from any bondage,
Proclaim the blessing set ahead.

Choose to live an abundant life!!!

* My mind has been lagging these few days. Maybe because there are too many routines going on. Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe … Wake UP!!! Look ahead!!! No point regretting later. Set your Focus right!!!