Friday, October 05, 2007

Unknown Ringing

“Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ring” I just wish that I can pick up this call and find out who’s on the other side of the line. Is this a chat room or a direct phone call from one individual? Well, this is an invisible phone, just something in my head, I think its my conscience. Or is it my imagination? Or … I’m also not sure. Its just that random thoughts and random action just take place nowadays.

Having two random people who doesn’t know each other telling me the same thing. DEATH! Well, is death just statistics? Well, when we open our newspaper, it does come in numbers if that is what it means. The thing that these two individuals pointed out and asked me a similar question. “What do you what to be remembered as when you die?” I have heard these countless time since I don’t remember when. I always thought that it is just been a normal topic to motivate you, telling you that you can’t control the time so make the best out of it… don’t have any regrets when you pass away. I’m not sure why, but something is not right, why is it running around in my brain? Why can’t it just settle in the neuron and stay there?

The second ringing, it’s the Jabez prayer. I know this prayer by heart, since young, my mum always recite it to me. Two more individuals’ sort of touch on this topic and once again, why is it running around in my head? Am I supposed to learn something? Or know something? Is there a hidden meaning that I should know of? Is there a easier solution or calculation that I can use or is there a formula that I have not learned? All things are connected one way or another. But are these just random thoughts or is there something that I need to take note of?






Well, I can’t really read everything above but I’m sure the copy and paste is correct. =D

The third ring in my head… Well, time is running out, will share more in the future ;p

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Asvin said...

HAHAha...are u writting a blog or preparing a "Question" book??..Hehe... SOo many questions to ask so little time to be still and actually hear the answers..Lolz.
Enjoy the momment, make a difference, live life for the Glory of God. :)