Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just a phase

Life is a journey that we walk through. Some give up half way through but still, there are many who are trying our best to make the best of our life. Are anything we do meaningful? Are we just living for this period on earth or is eternal life true as some of the religious teacher teachers us? Can you trust anyone unless you have been through that phase yourself?

Living life on earth has its ups and downs. The choices we make will pave the steps of where we will be in the future. What about the people who are clueless and have no idea of what we want in life? What influence our choices and decisions?

What are the things that influence our decisions? Sometimes, its just about living up to people’s expectation, sometimes we are too scared and prefer to take the easy way out, and yet sometimes we just want to try something different and exciting.

There are so many important choices that we make, we can either take the easy way out and follow the trend and the people around. Or we can stick to our gut and try to walk a road that we deem “right” for us. Whichever way we take, we can hardly see the other end of the path not taken. We can only comfort ourselves and believe that the one that we are taking now will turn out well. Continue to hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life is a compromise

In life, sometimes we just can’t win it all. Have you ever thought that the painkillers that you take to relief your pain is actually harmful to the liver? However, if you don’t take the painkillers, the pain itself will be the harm.

Similar to our life. For example if a father is busy working outstation and is never at home, is he compromising his relationship with his family? But if he sits at home and not going to work, he might not be able to provide for the family up to the standard he wants to.

For students, if we only focus on studies and not going out for socials with our peers, is it healthy for our overall growth as a person?

Sometimes we will be torn into two. Our mind might want something and our heart might want another. How shall we decide? No matter what we choose, one of it has to take the sacrifice.

Well, we just need to make the decisions, asking God for wisdom, guidance, and a peace of mind. Having a loving family and friends around certainly will make things better. They might not know what you’re going through, but you know that they are always praying for your best. There will always be the “what if” question in life that will bug us, but we live with our decisions and try to make the best out of it.

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. …the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him.” Psalm 32

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm a coconut

Expectation from people will somehow determine how we act and conduct ourselves. Maybe many of us are just like coconuts, we look all the same hanging off the tree.

Looking good from the outside, just green and happy, ready to sprout when we come in contact with water.

When people poke closer, they will come to the husks, we are just tolerating, let them poke, it wouldn’t hurt much, we are rather strong and can get through anything that comes our way. We are spongy, we bounce back easily.

But when people come too close or be too hostile, they will come to our shell, that’s the thing that is protecting us when people try to invade. We will be strong, throw us around, roll us around, we will stay strong.

However, for those who really know us, they will know what is inside us. Sweet sweet flesh and just sloshing sweet water ready to refresh anyone who really knows us.

Every strong coconut has a fragile side inside.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Logical Consideration

Human behaviour are hard to predict and quantify. How do we put a number to a risk assessment of human behavior. A person who you merry now might be the best choice for your life now. But can we guarantee that our love for our partner will never fade away? Or how can we be certain that our partners will stay faithful to us all the time? Knowing the risk will help us access the situation. There is no guarantee of a human behavior, but we can just wish for the best. If you never want to take the risk, you will just need to live without knowing how life might get when you’re together.

It is important to make necessary logical consideration when making life big choices. Choice of your studies is important. Of cause you can choose to change or switch courses along the way. But ideally, when you pick a major, it will help determine what type of career you are going to have. For example, if you are afraid of blood or do not like to interact with humans, do not choose medicine for your studies. And if you do not like mathematics and physics, do not choose engineering. If you think that you have made the wrong choice and its too late to turn back, it is only wise to make the best in the situation you are in. Continue to give your best and try to enjoy it as you go along.

Most people look at wedding as a life long journey. It is important to consider many aspect of this lifelong engagement and not just jump into marriage with your love at first sight or pressure from around. I’m not saying that love at first sight will not lead to a lasting marriage, but logic must take place in lifelong decision. Wedding vows are meaningful and it is worth looking at it over and over again when you have disagreement and fights, it will help you to remember why you choose to merry the other person in the first place.

No matter what choices we make, we need something to fall back unto if things do not work out. The only constant in life to me is the existence of God. All human can fail you or disappoint you but one thing in life that you can have peace holding on is the Father in heaven that will always love you, through thick and thin, through laughter and sorrows. This is how I find peace, this is the thing that keeps me going on, having a hope to carry on.