Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Of Change

It might be hard to let go,
it might be hard to face the fact,
it might be hard to think,
it might be hard to wait.

Are we willing to sacrifice?
Are we willing to evaluate?
Are we willing to set things right?
Are we willing to face the consequences?

Is this really glorifying Him?
Is this what I want for my life?
Is this the right move?
Is this the best that have to be done?

Why can’t the answer be clear?
Why can’t there be only 1 choice?
Why can’t I just remain?
Why can’t someone decide for me?

Maybe the best is to wait
Maybe there is a happily ever after.
Maybe I can really walk on water.
Maybe that’s the right path.

Up grade to a better future
Down to a better path
Left behind are those miseries
Right to the path where God leads

*there might be some part of life that we know that things have to change. We know that what is going on is not right. But we are often not willing to change. What are we afraid off? Are we afraid of what people around us will think about us? Are we afraid to leave our comfort zone? Are we afraid to take up the challenge?

“Why does the past always seem safer?
Maybe because at least we know me made it
And why do we worry about the future?
When every day will come just the way the Lord ordained it.”
(Chris Rice – 8th grade)


Asvin said...

Hmm...sounds very familiar.

"When u walk away, you dun hear me say,"Please..Oh,Baby dun go". Simple and Clean is the way that your making me feel tonite. It's hard to let it go. Hold me,whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on."


Serena Lim said...

Extrees randomness that doesn't really make sense.. lol...