Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Walking on a log

What comes into your mind when you see a dad carrying his son walking on a log in water, performing? Father and son. He later turned around and rolled the other way with his son on his shoulders. I saw this article on the papers but can’t seem to find the same picture.

Do we applause and say, wow, what a good performance. Stand there, amazed by what was going on.
Or do we see
The great crowd around
Or do we see
The way he is able to balance and try to calculate in physical term the reason he can walk on such a log
Or are we just
Staring to see if he is going to fall, are we there to try to find fault
Or do we see
The struggle, the tension upon the man that he is trying his best to give his best performance to the audience
Or do we see
The little boy, naïve, not knowing what is happening around
Or do we see
A irresponsible, putting his son in great risk
Or do we see
The effort of a father, trying to make ends meet for the family? The unwillingness of him risking his son’s life but have to do so just to make a few pennies per day. The heart of the father, that he is trying his best not to drop his son. The unwritten story about his family. The hope in him that there will be a better future for his family.

We often see what is on the surface. But do we really know what is inside? Some might me smiling all the time, is that who they are inside? Some might treat you badly, is this the way they are trying to make you tougher? Some may keep a distance from you, is this the way they are trying to ask you to put more effort if you want to keep this friendship? Different people have their own point of view. In the same way, the stories in HISTORY depends on who is telling the story. But who is there to judge?

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Asvin said...

well, no one knows truly wat's on the inside only God. The way people act outwards reflects part of wat their feel inside but not all. Sum are well equiped to hide their in-most true nature. I guess that's where the phrase; "Things are not always wat it seems to be" comes from.