Thursday, May 24, 2007

Its been already 2 weeks since AS started. For those who know me, I hardly study.. till I started A-Level. It started with thinking skills.. the first paper was like a cannon - blast the opening ceremony of AS. *BOOM* It was unexpected… really unexpected. I never feel bad when I get bad results, when I am not as good as those around – that’s because I deserved it, the fact that I was lazy. I am happy for those who get good results, the fact that they put in so much effort and burning midnight oil all the time- they deserved it!
But when you start putting in effort, time, sacrificing your sleep, your entertainment, and yet you get the results as before, or ever worse, the world seem to be falling apart… questions such as ‘why do I even bother’, ‘is this worth it’, ‘am I just stupid’, ‘what’s the point of all this’…………. Now that we work hard, aren’t we suppose to get better results?
Sometime after the exam, it like the day has ended… you just need something to cheer you up… and if there is nothing else… just go to bed…………………….. sleep and sleep and sleep, and hope that everything will fall into pieces when you get up.
What else can we do? Hope for someone to give you a call and cheer you up? Go clubbing and forget about everything that happened? … when time like these, we ought to pray, seek for wisdom, seek for guidance, set our priorities right, focus on the next paper, and of cause it’s a bonus if someone give you a call and ask about the papers and cheer you up.
We complain and complain and complain… but we are not the only ones that are going through these things. This is just part of life – a small part of life – that may or may not determine our future. As for my case, it will… Look at the others that are going through harder and longer hours of paper, we should be thankful for all that we are going through and live the best out of it. CARPE DIEM.
Of cause through this time of trouble, there are always good people send by God to cheer us up.. for example, my mum gives me a call once in a while, my cell leader message and ask for updates, my cell member prayed for me… even Hari took me for dinner (after physics 2 - i was really down with my own peformance - but what to do? i din prepare as well as the others). Prom is also coming soon. My partner wanted to pay for my tickets, but I turned it down and got scolded by my whole house (each and every housemate) for doing that… but its very very very sweet for him to offer. =)
2 more weeks of exams to come. For all those out there, just sit back, relax, and as long as you have done your best, there’s nothing, no point to worry about it anymore.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Types of friend…
That day I went for a conference. In the conference, the person spoke about the types of people that we have in our life.
1. Compromisers
This group of people are always trying to get you to compromise your standards. When you are striving for excellence, they are probably the ones who will give you negative advices, distract you from doing your part… they will be telling you that you have the time of the whole world to achieve your goals and that they are not important at this time. These people are probably not sent by God.

2. Companions
This is the second group of people. Those that are willing to accept you as you are, but have no intention of working with you for your improvement. This are fun people but will take you nowhere in life. We have these people around us all the time. When its time for clubbing, movies, shopping… they will be there. But when it comes to work, they are not willing to put in their very best.

3. Committed
This third group of people are those who are undeniably tied to helping you enter the future. This are the ones who are willing to go through difficulties with you, will tell you when you are not doing the right thing, will be there to push you until you turn out to be your very best. This group of people will help you in your business, life and education…

Who are we to our friends? A genuine relationship is never defined by what we can get, but by what we can give. A cheerleader is in the life to encourage you but a coach is in the life to correct you. Do we prefer friends that are always there for us but never want you to be a better person or do we want friends that are honest and direct and are willing to mold us? On the other hand, it is easier to be said then done. Who are we to our friends? I personally agree that it is much easier to be a ‘companion’ like friends. It really takes courage, trust, faith, patience to be a committed friend.