Sunday, November 30, 2008


White field, empty street, leafless trees. Yup, its snowing here. And it is getting colder by the day. All my body wants to do is to laze around, watch a movie, have a hot and filling meal. the sweet aroma of hot coffee just calms you down and bring you into dreamland sooner that you realise.

But then, when I was reading the bible, there it is, the verse that speaks to me. “IF A MAN WILL NOT WORK, HE SHALL NOT EAT!!!” Wow, such direct message. It is the warning against idleness.

I went to the library today, knowing that I’ll only sleep if I stay at home. Before starting, I said a short prayer that goes something like this “Lord, give me the strength to stay awake and study.” To no surprise, after an hour, my head gets nearer and nearer to the table, and soon enough, I went into dreamland and woke up only after an hour has pass. “too cold, too cold, I need to go home now.”

Many a times, “THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK.” but this does not mean that we can give in, we(I) might fail trying, but this test goes on. Try and try and try. Change the mind set, purpose in our heart!!!

Let us all have a fruitful winter and enjoy the lovely snow!!!

Continue to pray and ask for strength!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Supporting My BROTHER!!!

Support my bro on his study trip to LONDON. Please show some support by buying and promoting to your fellow friends. Thank you very much.

"Becoming a contemporary Christian to engage the prevalent culture of the day is not the same as getting the approval of that culture. If you are looking for cultural approval, you will end up compromising. And by doing that, you are allowing the world to define you, and to lead you. The power to define is the power to validate. As long as you are the head and not the tail, you will excel and lead in the world. And when you become a leader in the industry God has planted you in, you become the one who validates others, not the other way around." Pastor Kong Hee

Let us support each other and impact the market place!!! =D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Open our eyes!!!

“Could you please pass me a ketchup please”
Looking around, I replied, “sorry, there is non here”
My friend sitting beside me, reached out in front of me, took the ketchup that is right in front me and pass it to the lady that asked for it.

Busting out in laughter, I said, “I looked around but missed what is right in front of me”

Sometimes, in our busy schedule, we often overlook the simplest things in front of us. Some simple concepts that are known right from the beginning but ignored or forgotten till one day it strike us again.

Was in church the other day, a simple message was preached, “hear the cry of the hearts”. The sermon went on just like any other sermons. But then, a thought suddenly stroked me when she preached about “You are there because people are searching for God”, “You won’t hear the cry of people until you get near”… It caught me thinking that we often pray for the people far away, in my case, my friends that are so far away, I care about them more than the people right here, around my, that I met daily, that I am living with.

Am I getting too use to praying for my Christian friends that have their prayer needs written down and forgotten that I am to pray for those around me who need the prayers but did not ask verbally for it. It is logic that when we see a person in need, meet their needs. Therefore, when we see a person who needs prayer, pray for them. They might not know that you’re praying for them, they do not hear it but God certainly hears it.

How do we expect them to ask us to pray for them when they do not even believe that this God that we worship really exist? We have to wake up, be alert, on guard at all times.

We do not know how much time we have we these people that are placed in our mist. Not only the “good people” needs God. The people who are living a sinful lives are the ones that needs Him even more.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Living a luxuries budget life.

We need to get back

To the basics of life
A heart that is pure
And a love that is blind
A faith that is fervently
grounded in Christ
The hope that endures for all times
These are the basics,
we need to get back
To the basics of life
-the basics of life-

Its quite a common phrase when you hear people say, “ I do not have enough money to spend”. I for one certainly used that a couple of times before. But do I really have not enough to spend or I just want to spend more than I could afford? If I am really broke, I would eat only bread everyday. If I’m extremely broke, then I won’t be complaining even if the worst food is placed in front of me. If I am not doing that, that means that I would have enough to last me for the next day.

This is more for a student’s point of view, how to live with what we have. To live healthy life, of cos we need to exercise. Exercising here is rather cheap if you do not have any transport to bring you around. Basically, we walk to our destination. Not forgetting the extreme exercise of cycling uphill, a real challenge, at least for me. If you’re walking 15 minutes, its consider near, if about 25 minutes its ok, if 45 minutes, only then you can call it far. My daily exercise is walking for at least 1 hour per day.

There’s lots of good budget food over here. Breakfast is rather ordinary, just cereals with milk followed with some fruits. Maybe some healthy oats as well. Sandwish, puff, and maybe a some hot soup for lunch. But I love dinner!!! There’s just so much food, tried roast chicken, curry chicken, “pai gu tang- pork soup”, different types of vege, fruits and nice chocolates, noodles, etc.

Well, not to forget your tithes and offerings though. Give and it shall be given. Give out of love, give because we are blessed to be able to give. Give not because it’s a duty, but do it with great joy, appreciating His works and what the small amount of money mean to others.

It has been a month and a week since I got here. Time pass so fast over here. I learned a lot of new stuff around here, especially about ships. When I first started the engineering science, I thought the class was so boring, he’s still teaching what we learned in form 4. But when I started my tutorial questions, I took about 3 hours just to complete 6 suppose to be simple question, with help on others.

Humans are very interesting creatures, we tend to want more and more and more all the time. There’s no ending to the list of what we want. Not to say that it’s a bad thing to want more, but sometimes, we ought to pause and think and give thanks for the things that we have. How many people out there that do not have a proper roof over their head and we here are talking about buying all branded stuff?

Humans also have the ability to make the best out of even the simplest molecules. New things are invented on daily basis. If we are willing to improvise, make the best out of the simplest things that we have, we can live a happy life.

I see people with so much yet they still complain, and yet some with such minimal and are so grateful. Is this not a common paradox of life?

My mum thought me something last week. “the LAW of life” - “Love mercy, Act justly, and Walk humbly with Him”.

Micah 6:8 He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy And to walk humbly with your God.