Friday, July 27, 2007

A better painting

A better painting

Life, choices,
The world is still turning,
People come, people go,
Are we here by chance?

What about the road not taken?
Is there more to what we see?
What is the probability of things in life?
Can we explain every move by calculation?

Who said that we can’t walk on water?
Who said that dogs can’t fly?
Who determine our actions?
Can all things be justified?

What will the world be if we learn to care?
What will the world be if we learn to give?

Is this world a cycle?
Are all things predicable?
What mystery is left if we know the future?
Where is the excitement if everything goes well?

Life is journey,
We might not be able to determine where to start,
But we can certainly determine where we end,
And how we end.
It’s a new chapter that yet to be explored.
Mystery, fantasy, destiny awaits.
Making sure that the world is moving together,
Everyone moving together,
Learn to help and care.
Won’t there be a better tomorrow?

*Life is more than me, me, and me. If we learn to spread the joy and happiness, it will be a more colorful world. Putting color and smile into people’s life, won’t our life be more meaningful? “Being thin is not a compliment”, as we eat our life through, think of those who never even tasted chocolate. There is not much purpose in life if the other end of the world can’t even get their necessary needs. Who are we to enjoy life when there is still suffering? Learn to give as we learn to care. We are more blessed for we know that we are able to bless others. Can we put color into people’s life as our own life is painted?

Monday, July 23, 2007



In the silence,
Then came the soft music,
With the guitar,
No one else can hear.

As singing started
Having all worries and thoughts
All cast out
Hoping that there is a solution

Lips moving slowly,
Who can understand?
Besides Him.

Strings of stress just pour down,
As the music is playing,
Time ticking,
All we can do is pray.

In the stillness
We shall come to know
That His grace is sufficient
What else do we expect?

All the misunderstanding
That tomorrow will not be the same
How could we overcome
That He will keep us safe
That we can make a difference
With a burning flame

* He will always be there for us when there seems to be nothing that we can do anymore. Continue to trust in Him. Cry out to Him and He will hear us out. With compassion and mercy, we shall be able to stand up once again. There are much more sufferings out there for us to care about. We should just come out from our bubble bag. There is much more that can be done.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dry tears

Dry tears

Things that we want and things that we can have
When both cannot come to an agreement
Not knowing what is the next step
Is time the only factor that can change all these?
Are we supposed to wait and act as though all is good?

Keeping everything inside,
Having only joyful expression
Hiding the frustration and confusion
When all around seems alright
Something is still missing

Taking every step by faith
Hoping everyday that it might change
Wondering about the decisions that was made
Knowing that there are no other ways
Continue whispering in prayers

When no one else knows,
When all seems unclear,
When you have to handle more then you can bear,
When all things seem alright to those around,
Only God knows.

When will these whisper and cry be heard?
When will the path be cleared?
When will the heart’s desire be heard?

Still having hope,
Having faith.

Thinking about what have to be done
Tears flowing, dry tears flowing
Still hoping for the best.