Friday, May 30, 2014

Not just a DREAMER

My last blog post was dated the year 2009, which is about 5 years ago. Where have I been, what have I been doing? Have my views changed? Am I the same, a better person or a horrible person compared to who I used to be? Well, there is no particular reason why I choose today to start writing again. Perhaps, I just want to share some of my thoughts, hoping to edify the readers or just hoping that by writing, I could reflect upon life itself.

This blog is solely my personal views and thoughts, it is not meant to criticise or judge anyone. So, if there is anything in it that hurts or provoke the readers, I do apologise in advance.

Well, I have encountered more than I used to 5 years ago, so my style of writing and thoughts would have changed one way or the other.

Here, it begins, some thought that I would like to share :

In the midst of busyness, perhaps it is good to take some time out to think about what we really want in life. All of us have certain dreams, vision or wants for our future. Maybe it is good to stop for a while and think, “What I am doing now, is it still relevant to my goals?”.

No doubt, goals changes as time pass. The things that you encounter in life and your surrounding will contribute to the decision that you make in life one way or the other. But are we still working towards our goals or have we given up and conform to the world that we are living in? Do we still have the strength to carry on running towards our goals or is it just easier to follow the flow and see where it leads?

For example, if your goal is to write a legendary computer game that will receive the most number of gamers in history; are you just sitting there hoping that it will happen? Are you spending most of your time in front of the television hoping that the game will miraculously write itself in your computer? Are you just browsing through Facebook, taking all sort of quizzes (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Facebook and it helps me to just chill when there is too much on my mind)? Or ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Just sitting there and hope for things to happen is the most dangerous thing to do. “Hope - a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”. If you want it to happen (I mean positive things), do something and make it happen. Of cause, many things are not within our control. But if you do not give it your best, you will never know how far you can stretch.

What I am saying is, don’t just dream. Take the initiative to turn that dream into reality. Yes, we should have hope but don’t just hope. DO YOUR PART!

Sometimes, I find that I am wasting a lot of time. Then, I pause and think again, what are my dreams and goals in life? Are my actions and doings contributing to the path towards achieving them?

“Doing nothing for a while is called rest, but doing nothing for too long is just lazy”.

Put your hope in GOD, and give your best in life to bring Him glory! :)