Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pleasing people?

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is definitely to please everybody.
-Bill Cosby-

Really? My friend just read to me, from some personality test, “you are easy to get along, people will like you, but you lack personality”. Hmmm… really?
But when we care, when we love, when we are concern, do we not try our best to please them?

I know we don’t study for our parents. But do we not try to do the things that they like? Do we not stay out of trouble and not make them worry? Do we not do our best is studies, do we not call home, do we not do the things that is pleasing to their eyes?

But of cause in the mist of doing these things we must have discernment and not follow blindly.

What about when it comes to friends? Even though it is inconvenient for us, we will still go an extra mile to care for them. Spending time with them when they are down, being with them when they are lonely, take care of them when they are sick… so many things that we do to please them, or at least we think will please them…

But is it really very hard to please everyone? It also depends on the company you mix with. Everyone smoke, do you follow just to please them? They are big spender, do you follow them? They go to indecent places and dresses unpleasantly… If we try to please them by following them, are we not foolish?

Please everyone, not possible? But I think we should try our best to please our love ones, those we care about. And WALK IN LOVE =D

*Question :
3 big problems in life, first, being relationships, second being health, third being finances.

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