Saturday, October 13, 2007


This is very interesting, because here is the place where people point out your wrongs. There is nothing wrong to tell a person that he/she is not good enough, that what they are doing is wrong, and that you can’t stand what they are doing.

Well, in the process of doing so, we have to take care of what they are feeling. But this doesn’t mean telling them that settling for second best is ok.

Which do we prefer?
1. “Hey, you did badly this time; I think you are not putting enough effort. Why don’t you try spending more time and buck up on your skills?”
2. “Hey, you didn’t do that bad. I’m sure you’ll do be much more skillful as day pass by.”

Well, both carry the same meaning. But which one will give the individual a push, an urge to do better?

Doing this, we have to look at different individuals as well. As in if they will take it in a positive way or what we say is going to discourage them. There are many factors that have to be taken into account as we are talking. Out of our mouth come the thoughts of our heart.

We, as the person that is listening have to take all accusations and opinion positively. There is always room for improvement. They are not trying to put us down; these are just pointers to help us to be a better being.

Are we some times not truthful enough? Maybe we are trying to care about their feelings; we do not want to say anything that may jeopardize the relationship. But come to think about it, the more you care, the more we are suppose to encourage each other and hope for them to improve.

But this doesn’t mean that whatever they say is 100% correct. We are also given wisdom to discern. We have to think for our own and not follow blindly. If what they say is correct, change, learn from our mistake. This might not take place in a day or two. It might take a long time but when there’s a will there’s always a way. But if what they say is not right, stand up for our own right.

There are many opinions on different things. The way we look at things might be different. Evaluation is a good way to see if we are on the right track. Looking for room of improvements and working towards it. =D


Anonymous said...

Lolz...where can see like that. Life is not black or white only nwdays...there should be a diversity or fusion of colours. That means in my opinion the best way would be to correct 1st and then encourage a lttle on the good one has done. This is to make sure that person does not lose heart without being totally ignorent of the matter at hand...something like that..:)

[>Rift<] said...

Everyone needs encouragement, but if you're gonna constantly expect it every time you get something right, you're bound to get disappointed.

It's easier to do things because YOU want to do it. If you do things simply because others think it's the right way, you'll never be satisfied with yourself.

Yes, listen. But do things for yourself, not for others.