Monday, August 28, 2006


Something from Khai Xhuen:

Serena is a very cin cai she a girl..i'm not sure about it...hehe..just kdding..she doesnt cry nor get angry...she's a emotionless person...ahaha...only know how to laugh....but she can be a good friend..thats all i wnt to say...tis is her contact no...012-2345678...hehe...where got ppl post no. geh...

Its another new experience for me,
joining the Sunway cf, i found out that there are actually many outgoing christian in this place around me.
It started with the prayer session, everyone was allowed to pray but i just sat back and listen( just trying to get use to the new situation). Half way through the prayer session, i recieved a phone call from my mum...-she told me a story of working not by my own strength but God's strength(Its because i was lag with my studies and couldn't catch up)-... We chatted for about 10 minutes and i went back to prayer room.
Later we went to LT6 and the worship started. The songs were nice, one of the regenerating one was "I walk by faith". The speaker of that day was Pastor Anthony(a very joyful guy). Topic of the talk was " Coping with changes". One of the most important issue that is facing by most teenegers.
The key words of the day was Grace, Faith and Changes in life.

Change is an inevitable part of life. The problem we face in modern life is that change is taking place so fast that we have little chance to adapt or adjust before we are faced with additional changes. So how can we handle the massive amounts of change forced upon us by our job, our studies, our role as a christian, our personal life, and our society as a whole?

When faced with difficult issues of change in life we will often try to resist(though i'm the i don't care type). Even if we do not resist, we often enter into the process of complaining about what we have to deal with. I'll always cop with these changes with a few sessions of complaining around the and get over with it. Unfortunately, these sessions will not do me any good but wasting my time. So, should we simply keep our mouths shut and pretend that everything is fine? Maybe... , this alternative is a set-up for further frustration and struggle.

Feelings are neither right nor wrong. We must be able to talk about our frustrations but with a focus on recognizing clearly that there are things we cannot change. Our focus must be on how we can turn the changes into a benefit in our lives and make the best of life with our employer. God promises, not that we should have an easy life, but rather when life becomes difficult He will help us to take every negative factor that comes our way and turn it into a blessing—if we partner with Him in the process.

The conclusion that i made is that changes will happen in life(i worn't stay 18 forever) but we have to cop with changes the right way. The way that is right in the eyes of God. "Salt is good; but if the salt has lost its saltness, how will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another."

After that, i met up with Jeannie, Loschana, and Geetha... Had dinner in "orange" and went home to sleep.


Another new day, another new challenge.
I followed the church to the orang asli place in Pahang. We went to two villages- kampung senai and kampung batu. Dr. John picked me up at about 8.15am (Gave me the goat's milk). Then we went to the cafe near the church to yam cha and gather. After praying, we went straight to Pahang. There were all in 4 cars. We came to a small mamak that served nice wan ton mee, had our lunch and proceed.  The road to Kampung Senai was tough... We cross rivers, went through bumpy roads finally reached there. The orang asli came to see us and we brougth them many many things- rice, biscuit, tooth brush... We left after praying for them. Our next destination was  Kampung Batu... Its called kampung Batu for a very good reason- there are many batu there. This drive there was much harder. But by God's grace, we reached there safely. i went for a walk around, there were many fish ponds there. The air is fresh, the water is clear, the dogs are loyal and the people there were humble. I started by feeding the fish then went and teach the orang asli. I thought them how to colour, draw and also some english. We had our worship and dinner there(my toes were freezing) and left. I reached home at about 1.30am.

The things that i learned from this trip are:
1. Be thankful for everything we have
2. Human can be happy even with the minimum that we are living with
3. Bless others with what God has bless us with
4. There are sacrifices that we have to make if we want to do God's work- but its worth it
5. ... uncountable