Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Power of Gossips

Gossips have been a hot topic early a few years. People hear it over and over again about the harm and injustice that it can bring. Yet, we still hear it on a day to day basis, sometimes even through our own mouth. The power of gossip is much greater than we think. It breaks relationships, trust; put people in hard situations, placing one in the situation that might not even be created without the slightest gossip. The more we practice it, the greater the power of gossip will grow. However, conscious or unconscious, a gossip is a gossip.

One last good lesson that I learned in Malaysia just before I came back is that we need to be frank to people. Be frank with LOVE. And we, the one who is listening, listen with an open heart. How important is this theory to avoid much misunderstanding and complication among friends, community and nations.

I also learned that even if people do not listen to our opinion and what we have to say, we cannot force our idea on them. It is of their choice to follow no matter how good we think our methods are, they are still greater thinker out there.
Let us come together and practice the power of encouragement instead of the power of gossip. See the difference that it brings to ourselves and those who are around us.

Our lips is a powerful weapon that may do much and also much harm. May we choose wisely which is it we want and may God continue to use our lips to be a blessing to Him and to others.