Saturday, June 21, 2008

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming, well, I do not know the date for thanks giving. Is it during Christmas eve? Because that is the time they eat the turkey. Well, after google-ing, I found out that it falls on November 27, 2008 in USA; October 13, 2008 in Canada, it is also the harvest festival for some of the natives.

Well, if thanksgiving is the only day that we give thanks, then everyday day is thanksgiving. If that is the case, then everyday is a holiday!!! We ought to give thanks for everything that we have, every single day that we been through, may it be a happy day for us or otherwise, every breath that we take. It doesn’t mean that its turkey everyday though.

My family is very much thankful and grateful for the abundance blessings that have been shown. And that we can still come as one family to give thanks and to praise Him despite all the challenges we’ve been through. We’re having “thanksgiving” in church this weekend. Well, we’re Chinese, so we’re not having turkey, instead, we’re having 烧猪, yup, roast pork. Besides that, we’re having a little “family presentation”, singing “Just Let Me Say” and “耶稣爱你”.

All who wants to share this joy are invited to Pengkalan Church, Sunday evening. =D

Besides that, Saturday will be my first time officially sharing with the youths. "Living a Life Without Compromise". Well, indeed I went for the camp, but i will not be talking much about compromising while choosing your life partner. “BGR is for young adults, teenagers, focus on your studies!!! Or at least till you finish your Pre-U.” yup, that’s what I learned recently too. I’ll be touching 3 sub topics though - compromising in school, in church and in the outside world.
While preparing for it, I realized that I am in no position to tell them anything about compromising. For I am one that compromises a lot, well, I always thought that in that way, life will be much easier, I’ll offend less people. But well, we have to set our principles right. One verse that struck me is Luke 6:46 “Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?”

I need to put my head knowledge into practice. And stop being the world’s number 1 hypocrite.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Choosen Generation

CAL is finally over. 2 years of it, as if I grew old in Taylors College. Well, whether it is worth it or not, we’ll find out on the 10th of August. For now, there are much more ahead.

Well, I went for the first ever GEPC Young Adults Retreat. Okie, initial reason why I went for this camp is because it is an instant ticket out of Subang. Tried to find people to accompany me for this camp, but at last, my very own sister came along with me. I realize that I always get involved in things for the wrong purpose. Second reason why I joined this camp is - “better set myself right at the start of this 3 months holiday”. I wasted a lot of my time in my previous holidays, well, hopefully this one will not be added into the “a waste of time collection”.

No matter what my purposes are, eventually, God has His own set of different purpose for me. He showed me my purpose there. Well, not that I saw a vision or had any dreams about it. It is more of a “wake up call”. This is the most relaxing camp that I even attended. Not much activity were prepared, well, I reached at about 10 pm on Friday while the camp started at 12noon. So I pretty much skipped the Briefing, Ice breaker, Worship for the first day… but I came in time for the first session, even though I was a late.

There were all in all 3 sessions plus a bonus session. First message was Living the Life Without Compromise, Second message was Living the Life at Workplace, and the most interesting for me is the 3rd message, Living the Life in the Last Days. The messages are mostly based on the Book of Daniel, plus Revelation 13. (too long a message to blog it all out.) The Bonus Session is more of finding your right partner in life – Set some principles in your love life. Eg ; Guy must initiate, your family in-laws…

But well, we ought to learn something in anything that we get involved in. Different people get different revelation from our input. After listening to the intellectual speeches, I realized that my general knowledge is shallow, extremely shallow. I look at things only at the surface, focus on the things that are not important in life. Well, not that I do not read, I follow TIMES, Newsweek, National Geographic… Well, I’m not much of a newspaper person, but things ought to change though.

For this holidays, my schedule is up till 19th of July – the important and significant day, “youth praying for the nation, going to be held in Kluang, Johor, from 8am till 8pm.”

Of course the first week of the holidays, spending time with family, followed by a whole week in Johor, and the next in PD, back to Johor, then Sarawak, then Johor again. Might be stopping in KL in between trips. Well, we plan but God decides.

I need to read more this holiday. Well, trying to finish the book that I started a long long time ago, “why does God allow suffering”. Followed by a The Age Of Turbulence, by Alan Greenspan, well, it’s a very very thick book. But the most important book to finish is my bible. Well, to tell the truth, I haven’t finished the whole bible from cover to cover. Ashamed by it, but that is the truth. What a big hypocrite, telling people about my God when I hardly know Him personally. Well, I realized that I read the book of James, Daniel quite a number of times, but there are some books in the bible that I never finish reading.

Some other things that I HOPE to achieve during this holidays are learning a bit about video editing, cooking, photography, yeah, that’s about it for now.

To Asvin : I watched gossip girls, a bit here and there. Well, its more of your movie, not my type. Hehhehe… I like the way they dress up though. =D

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
1 Peter 2:9

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HaPpy BdaY tO AgNes

This post in specially dedicated to Agnes Koh!!!
Our beloved housemate, who is often stress because of exams, study non-stop…

These are some of usual phrase :

“Zen De Ma – (really ar?)”
“Good good, very good!!!”
“Wo gen in jiang ar – (let me tell you)”
“My goodness-y – (Oh, my goodness)”

Mocha - clocolate cake

Happy g@l with her cake and fav kaya banana dessert

Food for all

Our housemates plus Michelle who is in the photo, MIA

Little girl growing up, tomorrow finishing her first Sem exams.

Dun see her small small, growing up to be a lady soon liao, going to STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR tomorrow, shopping and makan makan!!!

Really blessed with all these “crazy crazy” housemates.

*yeah, tomorrow last day of exams liao for me too... after that go makan and straight to camp!!! =D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coming to an end

Life is a journey that all must go through. But not all will go through it the way they want it to be.

There might be people that we want to please but can never do so, people that we never want to meet but are always in our life everyday of our life, people that we want to be with but hardly meet, there might be people that we want to spend more time with but never got the chance. Well, all are there for a reason, to test us, to build us, to encourage us, or just for us to have a good pass time.

“Why am I under so much stress?”, question that I often hear. Should the answer be, “Because you chose it!!!” There are people that can multitask, be busy the whole day and yet still find joy and meaning in their life, in what they are doing. But yet, there are people that have everything planned out for them but still complaining and are never satisfied. Why do we complain about work when there are people out there who wakes up without an office to go to. Why do we complain about schools when there are people out there that do not have a school to go to.

Was in prayer meeting yesterday, probably the last one that I’m attending in this church, for this year at least. Many things once again cross my mind. “People in my life that I took forgranted, broken relationships that were never fixed, laziness that causes so much miseries, fear of the future, worries that are never ending, not being good enough, etc.”

The one thing that really struck me is that I have not really given my best. Well, everyone study, but have I studied more then everyone else? Is the best that I’m giving now really the best that I can give? Having to sit through all these exams, one thing troubles me the most is “What if I don’t make it?” Well, I really do not know if that happens. Absolutely no idea.

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? ...... Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:25-34

This passage is no stranger to most, I know that it is true, I believe in it, but sometimes, I just don’t believe in myself.

Well, this place is not that bad after all if you think about it. There are people here that certainly made this place a brighter place to live in. Am really blessed just to get to know them.

As my roommate says, “life goes on”

Well, there are many that come and go, there are some that we will remember, but there are definitely one or two that we will keep in our heart.

Am just thankful and grateful that God has never left me and will never do so, not today, not for the days to come, not one day in the future, I this 3 months I’ll just have to live a life of WWW(worshipping while waiting).

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Maths was so hard

So hard

So so hard

So so so hard!!!