Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daily Devotion… hmmm… brother Jason shared about doing our daily devotion… Is it a must for us to do so? Is it a crime not to do so? How often must we do it? How should we do it?...

He said that doing our daily devotion is like taking our daily meal. We won’t die if we don’t eat a meal, won’t die if we skip 2 meals… 3 meals….. don’t eat for a day… two days.. three days…. But try not eating for a few months….

There are often many hindrances when we want to do our devotion. There are physical hindrances such as no proper place, too many distractions – television, computer, handphone… But this is quite easy to overcome. If the television is standing in the way, just off it… I’m quite sure that it will not automatically switch on on its own. There are also spiritual hindrances. But this is not that often – you hardly hear a whisper that says “ don’t do your daily devotion”.. but the hardest to overcome is the hindrance in our heart. How passionate are we about our daily devotion? Do we feel that there is something missing when we missed a day of devotion?

Think of the daily devotion as we are dating God…

It is very important for us to do our daily devotion… Here are some of the suggested steps that he gave to do our devotion :
1. Choose a right time
2. Find a right place
3. Discover a body posture
4. In God’s presence
5. Read the bible
6. Listen to God
7. Respect in deed

Daily devotion should be a part of our life. It is important and will indeed help us to understand more and also get closer to God. It is also very helpful especially in facing uncertainties in life.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its the day, its today - the end of the 40 days fast. Fast and pray for my family. :D It is indeed a fruitful one, eventhough not everything turn out to be what i wanted but i know that the best is yet to come.

Last week, during easter, Zhen Rong and her bf followed us to church... Khai Xhuen too... they enjoyed it a lot. There's nothing more exciting than to see your friend being saved. I thank God for all that happen and continue to pray that He will use me for greater plans.

During this holiday, i was really blessed. I went to Singapore to visit my brother and i was blessed with ROXY... i went shopping and shopping and shopping. I fast and prayed that my brother and indeed God blessed the works of him hand. At night, i went for a very nice dinner with my cousin. He took us for seafood... just opposite Pulau Batam... The crabs there were extremely big. Later during the holiday, i went to Johor, i visited my aunty and uncle there. I also got to see the new born of my cousin, so fat, so cute, so heavy...

People around me are growing... They are all falling in love. =) but why is everyone fear of rejection? Is this part of life that everyone have to go through? All i can tell them is THE BEST IS YET TO COME! When the whole world seem to be falling apart, know that God will still be there for you.
And of cos your friends and family members.

This morning, i ask my sis, "what should i fast next?" and she answered "chocolate"... How can this be? i eat chocolate almost everyday. At least every week. But what is fasting if it doesn't mean anything to us?

Exams are over but more exams are to come. But this life is more than exams. There is more life than daily routine. When we are away from our love ones, away from our close friends, we will learn to appreciate more of the people around us. All in all, till now, i just comtinue to pray that i'll continue to grow in God, grow in faith and truth!