Saturday, May 24, 2008

The better tomorrow

Feeling a little weird today, well, maybe its too much of food(am growing sideways at home), maybe it’s the weather, maybe… I have no idea. But thank God that I’m at home.

Well, finished the first paper, Physics 5. well, it was ok, I learn that “thou shall not take coffee before your exam paper, it will play games with your mind.
More papers to go, at least I learn my first lesson early.

Since the weird feeling was there, went and read some blogs. Some blogs barely have any new posting, well, I guess people around are getting busy, with work, exams, weddings, mountains to climb… and I’m just sitting here.

Was browsing, friends falling in love, friends facing relationship problems… Went on browsing, came to blog, “ I hate myself today”

Well, it sounds interesting. Went on reading. I learned that people will “implode”.
And many are held by the bondage msn(I don’t chat with many on msn, but just like to hang around see who is online), facebook(am still a noobie), downloading(well, David Cook’s songs are nice)…

Continue reading, “I have learnt my lesson (the hard way).” Ok, I don’t want to learn the lesson the hard way, there is no resitting if I don’t do well this time. A wise friend once told me, “a fool never learns from their mistakes, a normal person learn from their mistake, but a wise person learn from other people’s mistake.

The blog went on. The last line “Its either I change my way of working or decrease the load.” Well, the load is already there for me, either meet the requirements or else… erm, there is no or else…

Well, since the internet is a distraction, am not going to bring my laptop back to Subang this time. Tough choice, but, it’s for the better tomorrow.

1 Corinthians 9:24
“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How are you?

“How are you?” This is not just one simple question, it consist of, “hey, what you up to?”, “how’s things going on over there?”, “taken your dinner?”, “any updates?”, “anything you want to share?”.

So when people ask you this question, we should answer more then “I’m ok.”. Although that’s my reply most of the time. Well, communication breakdown is one of the reasons why people can’t get along well, why friendship fades away, why marriages do not work out, why families fall apart. Well, am not good at relationships, but am working on it.

I believe that God send people to our life for a reason, to be impacted and to impact them. When we are facing problems, if we keep everything to ourselves, we can’t aspect people to have supernatural powers and know what we’re thinking and doing. Maybe some of you out there do have, but I know that I do not acquire this “gift”.

Really thank God that He sent a good “human counselor” into my life. She happens to be my church counselor and also happens to be my mum. Well, not everyone has a family to listen to everything that they have to say, there comes our friends. What are friends for? They are there to share and to help one another, not to be “used – taken advantage off” though.

Well, some of us might want to talk to our pets. They might calm you down, but well, I haven’t got any solutions from dogs yet, maybe I’m not trying hard enough… hmmm… what would I do if they start talking to me?...

But some of us might not be as lucky to have friends or pets that are willing to hear our problems. Well, there is someone that will always be there for us. He’s our God. He’ll be there for you and me anytime, anywhere. He’s some sort of a mobile friend that we can bring along wherever we go, and yes, your secret is safe with Him. There’s no where I can find a better friend than Him.

Thank God for msn, email, cell phone, and all sort of stuff that connects our friends to us and us to our friends.

*Here's a song that i would like to share, not a new song, (but new to me), my youths were singing it and it really touched me the first time i listened to it. The title is "祷告,I PRAY"

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are people who are always happy artificial?

There are really happy people in life, not because they come from perfect background, not because they had never been through hardship. It’s just that they are able to find joy in even the smallest things in life. They are able to live a simple life, and when good things happen, they are able to rejoice, and when bad things happen, they are able to see the joy in others and try their best to get through this phase of life, knowing that they grow to be more complete when all these come to pass.

When people do not want to share their problem with you, it might be that you are not trustworthy, they just do not think you care about what they’re going through anyways, some might be because they have other source to talk to, but it might also be that sometimes its just their personality that they do not like to tell anyone “life human” about anything that they are going through, not because you are not trustworthy, you are not the person to talk about.

Whenever you go through any tough time, we can’t always control the outcome, but we can try our best to direct the outcome as what we want it to be. Our thoughts and action account for the outcome. When bad things happen, we can change our mindset and choose to be either happy or sad when we’re going through it. It doesn’t mean that you have to be smiling 24/7 but you do not have to frown 24/7 either. Just make the best out of the situation.

When people are happy, it doesn’t always mean that they are faking it, though some may. It may be because they have the joy of the Lord in them, or the way they look at things. For example, I do not have enough money to buy even a cheap sandal for myself, I can either go through extreme depression thinking why my neighbors have such good life and not me, I can choose to appreciate other things that I have around me, my family, the plants around me, the nature, the air I breathe, or maybe, you can try thinking that, “am so happy for my neighbors that they have what they want and that they are blessed.”. Learn to take joy when people are blessed. We can’t be self-centered and be happy only when good things happen to us.

When you really love someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to be with that person all the time. And when the person find someone that he loves and wants to be with, shouldn’t we be happy to see that he is happy? When jealousy, envy ness, heartache, hatred comes in, that doesn’t portrays the love at all. That portrays selfishness and that you only love that person when he’s doing the things that you want and you like, and when he’s doing it for you. True love shows when you see that the person you like is happy. If he ends up with you, then it’s very good, but if he doesn’t, just wish him a blessed journey ahead and be sincere, don’t turn away and think why is life unfair and start cursing and going through depression that never ends.

When you see someone who is always truly really happy, be happy for them; don’t think that there are no such people on planet earth. This world is so big, even if they are minority, they still exist. It doesn’t mean that everything in their life is perfect, they do not go through trials and temptation as you do; they do not go through things that you’ve been through. Maybe it’s just that they are just simple people, maybe they can be joyful when they see other people having fun, and maybe they just look at things at a different approach. Maybe in their mind, it’s like “I could be much worse than this, but thank God that I’m still alive and still standing strong, I know that no matter what happens, He will be there for me.”

When we sing “ the joy of the Lord is in my heart”, “you’re the air I breathe”, “everything’s going to be alright”, “all things are possible”, “you’re all I need”, “there’s nothing more I want than you”, “give thanks with a grateful heart”… do we not mean what we sing? If we really follow the decree and obey it, I can’t promise life is a smooth sailing, but life will definitely be happier, life will have more meaning in it.

Don’t let jealousy get in the way. Learn to take joy when you see others are happy.

Be yourself, but if you are a terrible self, try to change, if it doesn’t work, try harder.

There are things we want in life, and there are things we have with life. Life is not mechanical, just live and make the best out of it.

So much to talk about, but its time to sleep, just remembers that our mindset is one of the determinants of who we are. If its not right, change it.

*didn’t really check and many errors are ignored due to tiredness.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mother's Day

Love is in the air..
Mother's Day is coming
What to do for mother's day?
All the love that we have
All the care that we got
All the time that was given
All the sacrifice made
What should i do this Mother's Day?