Saturday, October 13, 2007

Econs and Chem in relationship

What would you do when 2 or more people are coming after you? Knowing that they are all good people, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feeling, who should you choose or how do you choose?
Knowing that your current bf which you have known for about 2 years, who is loving, caring, but you often have much fight, misunderstanding, lack of trust and faith. But yet, the time spent, the things that you have been through, the love that you experience, the things that you are willing to sacrifice for him, you can never forget it.
One the other hand came an almost perfect guy, smart, honest, always willing to care and is always there when you needed help. One that you know for certain will not let you down, one that will surely be there in time of need, one that has a bright future in front of him.
What should the girl do? Wanting to be friends with guy2 might be giving him false hope might send the wrong signal to him, but she doesn’t want to risk her friendship. Yet somewhere is her, she is uncertain of how she feels about him. So, what should she do? To be unfaithful or to be realistic? Economics coming in, to take into account of the long run cost and benefits, to take into account the opportunity cost... But make a decision, don't leave both of them hanging...

And as a friend, what advice should we give?
Are we suppose to draw out a CBA(cost-benefit analysis)? Is there protectionism? What about the diplomatic relations?
Maybe the Hess’ Law is applied here. (A chemical reaction is the same whether the change is brought about in one stage or through intermediate stages. In other words, you will come to the same ending no matter which route you are taking.)
Will it be easier to choose your partner is formula is given? For example you can solve it by using E=mc2?
[the elements of pray, follow the word of God, seek for guidance, ask more matured people about their opinion should be included as well…etc…etc…]

*Just some random economics and chemistry added into BGR. =D


Janus995-Cheeps said...

Wow I really like the thoughts you have on your blog. Amazing stuff. =)

[>Rift<] said...

The problem with people is that they put too much weight on the past, on memories.

Although we should indeed learn from past experiences and cherish those memories, I disagree that we should let them affect our decisions.

Just because of the amount of time we've spent with a loved one, it does not mean that we have to feel obligated to stick to that person when things start looking bad. People change. Or maybe we just discover something we never knew before about people, or about ourselves.

Besides, what person would want his or her partner to feel as if he or she is obligated to stay in that relationship just for his or her sake? I know I wouldn't. It'd hurt, but I think it'd hurt more to simply stay in a relationship just for old times' sake.

Better to take a chance while you still haven't made that divine promise of matrimony. Who knows? Eventually, you might actually find your true love. Maybe. Or at least someone close enough.