Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Power of Gossips

Gossips have been a hot topic early a few years. People hear it over and over again about the harm and injustice that it can bring. Yet, we still hear it on a day to day basis, sometimes even through our own mouth. The power of gossip is much greater than we think. It breaks relationships, trust; put people in hard situations, placing one in the situation that might not even be created without the slightest gossip. The more we practice it, the greater the power of gossip will grow. However, conscious or unconscious, a gossip is a gossip.

One last good lesson that I learned in Malaysia just before I came back is that we need to be frank to people. Be frank with LOVE. And we, the one who is listening, listen with an open heart. How important is this theory to avoid much misunderstanding and complication among friends, community and nations.

I also learned that even if people do not listen to our opinion and what we have to say, we cannot force our idea on them. It is of their choice to follow no matter how good we think our methods are, they are still greater thinker out there.
Let us come together and practice the power of encouragement instead of the power of gossip. See the difference that it brings to ourselves and those who are around us.

Our lips is a powerful weapon that may do much and also much harm. May we choose wisely which is it we want and may God continue to use our lips to be a blessing to Him and to others.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Taking a break, refocusing.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The truth and makes us better

It has been really busy this year, but its all good!!! Out of this busy period, when we sit down and think, and reflect the things that has happened, only then we realize how much we have learned, how much we have changed and how much we have missed.

But God is always very good, He is always there in the mist of our busyness, reminding us that He cares, that He is listening, that He is still in control and He will strengthen you no matter how tough the situation seems. He send people to check out on you, send people to encourage and send people to just have fun with you.

We can see that sometimes, when one person complain, the other people around might agree and a small thing might seem so hard to achieve or the situation is made worse because of the way we look at it. My mum never encourage us to complain, in fact she thought us how to overcome things. For example, when we complain about how hard the assignment and how hard the things that we are going through, she will remind us that we are not the only ones who are going through this phase, many have done it and many has overcome it. We have an extra helper on this earth, the Holy Spirit will be there to help us as well. All things are possible. Telling us the truth about reality (stop complaining, you are not the only one that is facing it) allows us to make a difference and look at things from a different point of view.

I never really liked to read when I do not understand something. I know that I can still get things done by people explaining to me, by people doing it for me. I know that no matter how many times I ask, they will pity this little person and will spend the time explaining patiently. My brother is a fast learner and he likes to read and learn things on his own. One day, my brother just decided not to help me out with the computer and asked me to read for myself and do it. READ IT, DON’T BE LAZY, ITS SIMPLE. I started reading, and solving my own problems. Just a simple truth, of “don’t be lazy”, I now read first before I do something, if I really don’t understand, only then I’ll ask people.

I have this friend that says whatever he sees, many times, people who does not know him gets offended. But what he speaks of is the truth. I realized that I am putting on weight since I first got to UK, but people around just say that its alright, you still have room or they say its alright, that’s what normally happen when people come to UK. I really appreciate this comfort, I do. This particular person, when he notice the change, he just said, “you’re getting fatter, go exercise!!!”. And yes, a simple truth can change the way that we eat, the way that we live our lives.

Sometimes, when we get too involved in church, our life sort of revolved around it rather than God himself. When we serve, we might unconsciously try to please our members rather than God. We dedicate our time, our effort, all we have into this place and losing the focus of our purpose. I know that we still love God and still want to continue to serve Him. But we are the living testimony of Christ, our lives reflect our relationship with Him, not only inside the four walls of the church. When I get too involved and lose focus, my mum will just ask, “what is your ministry here? Why are you there? Are you glorifying God outside the four walls of the church as well?” Then I realized that I spend too much time in church getting too exhausted to run my own life out of the church. Coming to class late, not able to focus in class, not giving my very best in my assignments, not caring about my friend’s needs ( outside church) etc, are also ways of not glorifying God. One thing I learned is that glorifying God doesn’t mean that I need to attend every single church activity, it is living a life that is pleasing to Him.

There are many people who will give us words of comfort, which is very good. But at times, even when the truth hurts or seem to put us down, we know that by identifying it, acknowledging it, acting on it, we can change and make better of the situation. We can be a better us when we know where to improve and what to change.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don't make the small smaller!!!

Today started dull, I was so blur during my electronics test. Anyways, things moved on as normal as always. Went to the library, went for discovery, have my dinner, that’s my Monday.

Just to share a little here are some things that I find rather irritating recently:

Have you been in places where people just don’t see you. Just because we are small/short, does not mean that we do not exist. Especially some guys (I’m not sexist) they think that girls can’t put on a DVD player, can’t hang something on the wall, can’t handle machines etc, they can’t stand when you try to give them opinion on these things, its something like “I can’t fix it, you are a girl, you think you can do better? And they try their own ways and try to prove that they are the MAN!!!” Well, you can do the work, I just happened to have a suggestion that perhaps can make your life easier. Not even a word I am saying gets into their head. What do I do when I meet these people? I walk away. What is the point of me standing there. After that, I pray, I pray that God will give me patience, control my thoughts, and look at the bigger picture. Its also one of the reasons that I hang out a lot with my MISC gang, they know you for so long, they know that when you try to say something, it has at least little sense in it, unless when I’m telling a lame joke. After hearing, if it’s a bad idea, discard it.

And sometimes during meetings, conference, I choose to keep quite when I’m with “I think I am highly educated and all knowing people.” When I open my mouth, please do not give the face of “you think you have an idea huh”. I know that you know a lot of stuff, but I reckon that if you would try to listen to the younger/little ones around, you’ll learn from them as well. I was in the Kid’s Church on Sunday, talked to this kid for about 15 minutes. Crying, he told me something shocking “my life is ruin, nobody likes me, they just think that I can’t do anything.” What do I say to this seven year old boy? Only after a little while, I realized that all he wanted is to have a chance to serve. I know that they are fantastic excellent people around, but give the smaller ones a chance, if we do not let them learn, how will they get better? And as they get better, they might give and teach us things that we never knew.

We were talking about excellence the other day. I would like to tell some people that excellence is not only when you are hanging out with leaders and known that you have this attitude. Please treat the new members, the normal members the same as well. Even if we are serving, it doesn’t make us more holy, highly than them. Value people simply because they are precious. I can’t stand people who do not practice what they preach!!! I can’t stand myself sometimes, I talk about self-control, about discipline, about eating healthy food, about exercising, about giving our best for the Lord etc. Occasionally, I still sleep till very late, just lazy to get up, I still eat a lot of cookies, I still can’t control myself when I start on movie series, I am sometimes not discipline in my quite time etc. Only when I see this flaw in others that I realized that I need lots of improvement myself.

Anyways, this blog is not about the things that irritates me. That was just an intro of my thoughts. My day ended well!!! I received a letter all the way from Malaysia. Its from my “Ex.” In it is a serious book so that I’ll continue to walk with Christ“THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB” , a distressing comic book, and a lovely card. Its all from ASVIN!!! =D This is truly a true friend. Not because of the present that I got, but it’s the thought that you know you are somebody. It is not just a post, it’s a packet filled with love, friendship, hope, and joy. This is what I call true friendship, we do not need to talk often, we do not need to see each other often, there is no need of explanation of our actions, no need to report of what we are doing. But I know that I am befriended just for who I am, I am kept in prayers, I am still in a tiny part of the heart. No silly statement of, “we haven’t spoken in weeks, months, is there something wrong?” no doubt, no need to do what we do not enjoy, just be ourselves.

I’ll continue to grow in Christ!!!

Book to distress!!!

This term has really been busy, the Malaysian Night, Church, Studies, “social life” etc. I really Miss my family, my mother’s lecture, just sitting by my dad in the car, just talking and teasing my sis, just shopping with my brother. I too miss my dogs, miss my friends, miss my church. More reason now for me to focus and do what I’m sent here to do. Bring glory to God in all that we do. Make the fullest in all situation

To end, here is a very beautiful thing that I read :

Imagine a place so irresistible that people can’t wait to get there. Imagine a place so functional that no one ever wants to leave. Imagine a place where the atmosphere takes your breath away. Imagine a place where this same atmosphere causes huminity to flourish. Imagine a plave designed fot no other reason than to connect you with a world beyond your wildest dreams. Such a place exists and has existed within the heart of God since before all time.
Bobbie Houston, ‘Heaven is in this house’

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My 21st Birthday!!!

I’m writing this blog because I do not know that to write on my assignment. I should just perhaps write a short summary of my birthday.

The 21st birthday is suppose to be the BIG event for many. It is suppose to be one of the most memorable birthdays ever. Well, we have the sweet 16, and when we turn 21 and 40 and 60 and 70 etc.

When you’re 21, it means that you are no longer a teenager, you’re now a young adult. Now, I have to be more responsible of my actions, accountable of my actions and make decisions on my own and accept whatever consequences that results.

Well, everyone has been so busy preparing for the grand Malaysia Night, busy with studies, assignments, church etc. My Malay buddies, out of their busyness, manage to squeeze out time for a little party, pizza and cake. (Special thanks to Kak Nadya, Iylia, Hanis, Hari, Amir, Azli, Fahim, Pei Pei, AL, Helmi, Faiz, Khairul, Wynne, Lucia, Ally, Mable, Ben[who is not there in person], Syammi, Firha etc). When blowing out the candles, I was told that I have 3 wishes. I stood there for a while, well, I do not know what to wish for, I haven’t got time to sit down and think of what my 21st birthday wish would be. So at the spot, I wished for 3 general things. First is that God will cover my family with the blood of Christ. Secondly, that God will bless the hungry children and thirdly, that all my friends, including myself will be successful in whatever we’re doing. Well, that was birthday eve.


Then, on the actual day, we went for a good proper lunch(Wynne, Alex Lawrence and I!!!). Finally, no sandwich and crips for lunch. We’re actually eating real food. We went to China Town and had real Dim Sum and called a few dishes. Thanks to brother Lawrence who generously foot the bill. Then, at night, we had to go home and finish up our assignments.

The day after the big day, Amir brought me to Nandos. We had a long chat, you never know how much of your friend’s life you’re missing out on unless we really have the time to sit down and talk. Its good old friend bonding time. So many things that we overlook when we are busy.

The best is all my sisters text me at the same time(Malaysian time) on my birthday. We chatted for quite some time and time flies. My brother, however, own me a big one. Since he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I simply replied, “I’ll ask for a big one in 2012, when I get to celebrate in Malaysia again” My mom sent me to loveliest email, it is a prayer for me for my birthday. This is priceless, so much blessings and love in it.

ASH called all the way from Malaysia to wish me, but I missed both of his call. Hehhehee.. But eventually, we got in touch, had a good chat and updating on what’s going on time.

Thanks for all the face book wishes!!! Too many to reply, but I’ll reply everyone in due time. =D
Thanks for the gifts and the effort and even the thought. These memories are indeed something money cannot buy and is something that will last.

God has been good to me, the fact that I am here is because of His grace and mercy. Some of my friends are born knowing that they have the chance to come to UK and study, but for me, this is a real privilege, with God’s blessings, parents wisdom, and everyone’s encouragement. This life for me is full of surprises and I have the assurance that God will provide everything for us for His glory. I’ll continue to walk by faith, knowing that God will be my true friend and hero, who will stick with me at anytime, any situation, any place.

Ending my day by listening to the word of God. I chose the book of revelation, chapter 1. Out of the blues, but it’s a good book. How is the day complete without God in it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Festival of LOVE

It is this festival of LOVE again, VALENTINE day!!! This is a festival when lovers get more romantic than usual, it’s a festival where they are to spend a little more than usual on a very special meal and exchange a little gift from the heart.

I just read a story written by my friend Joash, a very touching and lovely story. His stories are one of the best original short stories that I enjoy reading very much. (highly recommended)

For those of my single friends out there, it’s a day for us to celebrate as well, don’t miss out this festival of love, for some, this is the day where new relationships begin, this is the day where girls get to feel special and guys to show their gentle side.

No, this is not a sad day for the singles, it is how you view it, who you spend it with, and how you treasure each friendship. If you’re feeling lonely at home, just find a couple of friends and hang out together. If you like a peaceful valentine’s day, just have a few friends over for a movie and some pizza.

Go out, invite the friends who you know are going to be alone, let them know that this festival of love is for all to share. Show love to them by buying them little gifts, some chocolates perhaps, and just go out and have a good meal together. We can make a difference, make each and everyone feel special because deep inside, we know that everyone are special in their own special way.

For those who have their special dates, enjoy yourselves, cherish the moments that you with each other.

We can all make a difference, living footprints on the sand, SHARE THE LOVE.


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Power of Giving

It is sometimes hard to explain to someone who have no experience of what you’re saying.

How do you explain to your rich friend the value of money? 1 Pound for them is just tips, 1 Pound to some is already a meal; 10 Pounds to them is a simple meal, 10 Pounds to some is few day’s allowance; 50 Pounds to them is daily outing pocket money, 50 Pounds to some we can throw a party for 20; 100 Pounds to them is preparation money to go for a fancy dinner, 100 Pounds to some is sponsoring a compassion kid for 5 months.

I once came across this incident where one of the adult asking for a free place to stay overnight for the kids in his church during a church outing. The people incharged of the accommodation looked at him in a way and said, “but its only RM12 per night, its so cheap, why so calculative?”. Yes, RM12 to some is nothing(might not be enough for their one meal), but think again, if you’re from a rural area, RM 12 is what you use to eat for your whole week. And that amount of money times by the number of kids you‘re bringing, it is a lot. (But long story short, thankfully, they had place to stay for free that night - we need more understanding people around.)

It is hard to explain to people who have never been through a day without food. Our worries are sometimes, what should I have for dinner, what dessert will be better? But to some poorer people, their father’s worries are “how am I going to put food on the table?”, “how am I going to tell my kids that we have nothing for dinner today”.

When you look at kids from different family background, you will be able to see how the value things. Some kids are from a rather rich family background, they are very picky of what they put into their mouth, they waste food like there’s oversupply of food everywhere they go. Look again, when you give a proper meal to a hungry poor kid, look at the joy on their face, look at the willingness of them to share what little they have with their family and friends around, look at the gratefulness on their faces.

We need not be extremely rich to give, but start giving, even with the little. Maybe to some rich people what you’re giving is nothing at all, but remember that it matters to those who are receiving. Don’t compare with your neighbor what you are giving, but give out of love, give because you care and give because it will make a difference.

“Those who sow sparingly will reap sparingly and those who sow generously will reap generously.”

Give while we are able, give while we can, give while people are still able to receive.

It is the same, hard to explain to someone who have never feel love the true meaning of love. I’m not talking about the fairy tale love at first sight, this love is where someone will come willingly to chat with you, someone randomly out of the blues treat you a meal, someone passing by smiling to you, someone that you see daily just asking you about your day, a steady handshake, a warm hug from your friends. Do these unto others for it makes a difference, a very big difference to some.

My friend once asked me, what is your dream. I simply answered that I want to be very rich. Why? People might view this answer as a selfish, greedy, without much aim answer. But i want it because I have seen what money can do, how life have changed, what difference we can make. We human do not need a lot for ourselves, having the basic necessities and perhaps a few good meals once in a while is more than enough. This is one of the reasons that we have to work smart and be rich, so that we will not say, “if only I had the money”. Money if handled carefully performs miracles so wonderful.

We are living in this world, not alone, but with the companions of millions, many that we are able to reach out to but still not know them. But think about this, how much joy is it when you can see the smile on others when you yourself are smiling. How precious is their laughter, how simple is their heart.

We ought to be thankful, learn to love, willing to give and expect nothing in return, for the treasures in heaven is much more valuable than what we have now. THE POWER OF GIVING IS GREAT. And it brings more joy to the giver than the receiver.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Horton Hears a Who

“A person is a person, no matter how small.”

Quote from one of my dearest cartoons - Horton hears a Who!

So true, so precious is a life, no matter what colour we are, what food we eat, how we dress etc. Who we are outside is important, but how we are inside is even more important.

There are people who come and go in our lives. Good people, lovely people, big people, small people, some not so lovely, but yet they are still in our life. We just need to learn to love them, if that’s too hard, the best we can do is stay out of trouble.

As we know, life is a learning process, we learn from our parents, our teachers, our friends, books, from movies etc. One of the very best book to learn from is the bible, well as long as we’re still talking about lessons to live a good and righteous life, not electronics(oh, how hard can electronic engineering be?).

It is written there, right in front of us, so true, so direct. It is said,

“The way of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.
The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever.
The ordinance of the Lord are sure and altogether righteous.”

We are who we are, we are different yet the same, we come in different packaging yet deep inside, we’re from the same maker.

Everyone’s life is precious.

There’s so many morals that we can learn from this cartoon. To be faithful, to love, to care, to be righteous, to forgive etc.

What a good way to relax, get away from everything, just sit back with some chips and laugh it all out!!!

Life is simple, don’t complicate it. Pray for strength to walk this journey, endure and treasure all that is around.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you Lord

Have you ever have the sad feeling without any reason? I just finished my exams, was so happy straight after my last paper. Then it only took 2 hours for that joy to disappear. I went for some groceries in that evening with my friends and then badminton with the Malaysian Society. Something is missing, something is missing today, what was it I thought within. No answers till now though.

After a warm bath, I got out my devotion book and my bible. Just reading it through, asking God, why do I feel this sudden sadness in me? Everything is going on well, nothing is out of place at this moment, I should be rejoicing for tonight I do not have to study, no ships, no numbers, no sea…

Just then as I was asking God, my friend sms, “U ok?”. The first thing that came to my mind was, “God, You’re efficient, I just asked and you told my friend how I feel?” Then I was thinking again, “This friend might have six sense.” Then again, I remembered, I tried to call in the evening and the phone call was not answered, hence the return call. But God is good, He’ll send someone for you to talk to, someone that have some praise reports to share, someone that will just call to encourage.

But Lord, how can my friends understand what I’m feeling inside, when I myself cannot understand. I put down the phone, then I started talking to God. I said, “Lord, I do not know what is going on, I do not even know how to pray about this, I’ll let me spirit intercede for me k.” Then I was speaking in the spirit and tears started to flow, all I can think of is that “Thank you Lord for always being there”

Who can understand when you suddenly start crying without much reason? Who can be there always, to give you this warm comfort? Who can be there to hear the sadness in your joyful voice? Who can see the emptiness behind that cheerful smile?

One thing good about God is that He’ll always be there for you. You just have to believe it. He’s a friend that will be there 24/7 for you and not expect much in return, He’s a father that will provide suitable advice at the right time, He’s a shepherd that will led us to the green pasture and protect us from all evil and harm, He’s that lamb that came in humility and gave His all for us, He’s from the rich and famous and yet wants to spend time with us.

Thank you Lord, thanks for just being there, thanks for the chance to know You.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Light unto my path

“Lord please, please let me know my specific purpose here, so that I can work towards it, so that Your name will be glorified even more. Please Lord, I’m listening now, speak to me, anytime, I’m waiting here.”

I cried out to the Lord for several days about this, I really wanted to find my specific purpose here. Some of my friends, even in the early age, can say “My calling is in Malaysia”, another, “My calling is in Asia”, another “My calling is to equip myself for these few years and then go there and go back to my country…”, another “My calling is in the kingdom (market place)”, etc.

I asked God to give me a specific purpose, so that I’ll able to work towards it. I keep on asking Him to speak to me, “speak to me, speak to me, I’m listening, speak to me like You speak to Samuel, I need an audible voice from you Lord, so that I can be sure.”

But then, sooner, I realized, in Psalm 119:105 “Your WORD is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” READ YOUR BIBLE!!! It will guide you!!! Yes, I have been reading my bible consistently, but not remembering it, not taking it very seriously. I have a good “tour/journey guide” all these while, all I need to do is to follow it closely, study it, put my heart into it!

God will lead us, but STEP BY STEP. When Jesus performed His first miracle in the wedding, He gave the servants directions, a step at a time. “Fill the jars with water”, then they filled them to the brim. “Now, draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet”, and they did so. Then when the master of the banquet tasted the water that have turned into wine…

God will reveal His plan in our life to us. In Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you.. Plans to give you hope and a future” He has a plan for us. He will reveal it to us step by step, as we follow it like the servants in the banquet, and we wait patiently, following the plan, then we’ll be able to see the wonderful plan unfold.

When Jesus was sent to the earth, He did not tell his disciple on day one about His whole journey here would be. It was slowly revealed to them.

He will not ask us to run till He knows that we are able to stand. He will not give us more responsibility until we can handle what we have in our hands first.

I guess His plan for me now is to learn His words by heart, serve faithfully in the little things in church, do well in my studies, pray for people, and just enjoy life.

I have to get ready, so that one day, when I actually have a more specific plan revealed to me, I will be well equip and able to go all out for Him.

There’s a time for everything.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Life is like painting a picture. With our own two hands, we take up the paint brush, we choose the colors that we like, we have the image first in our head and then we make it the way we want.

It only takes one person to pass by to push your hand and there goes your painting, an ugly line across this perfect painting.

But it also only takes one person to stop by, share some views with you and your painting can be made better.

Painting a big picture alone, in the end, you’ll look at it, satisfied, and the those passing by might stop by and appreciate it for some time, and then move on.

But if we paint a picture in a group, like in school or children’s activity. The painting might not turn out to be such a perfect piece, but everyone who takes part in it will carry a part of it in their life.

In life, things might go well, but it only takes one person or even a small group of people to make it miserable; you might even think that all things are great until you met someone that can give you better ideas to improve your life; walking this life alone might make it look pretty, but where are we to share our joy?

“Why Lord, why? Why do you let us go through these process? So that we will endure and come out of it better? Many will tell me that. But what if Lord, what if, lets say you let me learn it through books, through my pastors, through the leaders in Church, let me understand it the east way. I promise that I’ll continue to cry out to you with a thankful heart and full of love.”

So many people going through so many rough times, Lord, have mercy Lord, have mercy. Are these really necessary?

After crying for such a long time, in the end, “May Lord, Your will be done in our lives as it is in heaven. Who else know me better than you alone?”

People are the most difficult “things” to handle. But they are the best “thing” to keep your life interesting. As it is said, no man is an island.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Setting myself right

“Keep yourself pure and holy. Till where will you compromise?” This is what keeps playing over and over again in my mind when I was praying.

We just learned about the church culture last weekend. Every society, every club, every church, every person ought to have our own standard, our own culture, a line that we draw, a guideline. Not just any line, it has to be a clear line. Till where will we compromise? We are people who are flexible, adaptable, and willing to change. Some things can change, the methods of why we do things can change, but we have to be clear why we’re doing what we are doing.

My friend once asked, “what is the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning?”. My answer was simple, BREAKFAST! After thinking for some time, I begin to think, there must be more than life than just food all the time. Nowadays, when I wake up, the first thing that comes into my mind is PRAYER. Yes, I did pray before this, but was I listening, was I looking at the signs, was I just praying because it comforts me. Well, in this book that I’m reading about prayer, I begin to understand more and more, praying is actually paving the road of me meeting with God, praying is actually enjoying the company of God, praying is actually seeing what are His ideas, His thoughts, His ways. Just enjoying the company, an invisible company, yet a company so true.

On my things to do list, I only put two words since the holidays. GOD FIRST. Things are getting busier since I came back to Newcastle. Homework, assignments, readings, and exams, church friends, etc. After reflecting back on my holidays, I remembered very clearly of a discussion over lunch about “not being caught up by the events, the methods.” Set our heart right, set our purpose right. I was talking to this friend last week. She told me the reason of why she was joining two churches. “One is because is a church that really worship god, the other is because they are more based on the Word of God.” I was puzzled. Was’t a church suppose to worship God as well as the members growing by the word of God? What went wrong? I know that there is no such thing as a perfect church, but the function of it ought to be right. But first, we have to set ourselves right with Him.

When we’re unsure, just pray and pray and pray, then listen (or think). Unexpected thoughts will come into your mind, thoughts that might not make sense, thoughts that might be childish, thoughts that might not be what you want. Is this what revelation really means? Is God revealing Himself more and more to me when I really sit down in the silence.

In this new year, I pray that God will send me a mentor, that will guide me in this walk with God, that will tell me straight in the face what am I not doing right, that will be true, mentoring me out of love and not duty.

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Start

Has 2008 ended badly for some of my friends? One burnt down his kitchen, the other three of my other friends broke up with their gf/bf. Good news for you guys, 2008 is over, look ahead, have a new start.

For me, 2008 is has been a real change. I realized that I know less, by knowing more. I realized that I am no where near to perfect, lots of changes are needed to refine myself. Entering 2009, not knowing what to expect but the best from the Lord. I believe that 2009 will be a year that my faith will be stretched, where my will power will be challenged, where my life will continue to change. Finding my purpose on this earth, where I have lived almost clueless for the pass 20 years. Searching what gifts and talent that I might have in this little mind and body of mine.

Coming back from my holidays, starting to study and back to my daily routine, perhaps I left part of my brain, heart and mind there. Importing it back slowly, so that I can focus here, exams are near, all shall come back on time. Committing it all into the hands of the Lord.

Feeling a bit weird, perhaps something here need some changes as well. I decided that I need a living plant in my room, drawing closer to the Lord, talking to Him more often, it is said, “it is a privilege to talk to God rather than a duty.” Really thank God for listening, for knowing and understanding what we are going through.

Here’s a song that I’ll like to share, I find it refreshing, assuring and comforting.

Holy Spirit come
Refresh me once again

Fill me with your power
In my soul, in my soul

Holy spirit come
Renew my passion
Of Your kingdom
With endless love, with endless love

Lord I hunger and thirst for
Your presence in my life

Come Holy Spirit and make my whole

Going to pick out my little special plant tomorrow, no flowers, just leaves, just green, just another life.

“Lord, I’m tired, tired of making wrong decisions again and again. Please Lord, please take my life and use it all for Your glory.”

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Second blog of the day. I just attended MCC ( Malaysian Christian Conference) 2008 in Wokingham. Helping out in the children’s ministry, I have indeed learned a lot from them.

Their cheer, all things are possible. Yes, I know that with God, all things are possible. But do I just know it and not fully believing in it? Just this 4 short days with the children, I was able to see that when they say it with full of energy, they believed in it. It was not just something that this nobody is telling them, they truly believed and are happy to know it. It really speaks to me that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Preparing what to teach them, I learned a lot more myself.

The way that they receive the word of God, is so encouraging. They do not doubt it, they do not question it, they just believe it as it is.

Teaching them the story of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, looking from a different point of view at this story, we see that he first purpose in his heart to want to see Jesus, then he put in effort and climb up the tree. And later when he had an encounter with Jesus, he changed. And in returned, he started to give back and bless all those around. I always thought that this is just a nice story about bad short people can turn and be good people. It actually thought me that in doing things, we first must have purpose in our life, then we need to put in effort and when we align it with God’s plan, in the end we can bless others.

Before I went to the camp, I prayed everyday, for each and every child by name even before I knew them. First time, leading the children that are born in the UK, I was clueless of what to expect, but indeed God has answered my prayers and helped me throughout this whole camp. Giving me ideas and helping me to connect with them.

I learned how to serve humbly, without expecting anything in return. But to my surprise, the parents are so generous, they gave me CD, book, and chocolates. Indeed God is really good. I really find joy in serving Him and sowing into people’s life. When we take the first step of wanting to serve Him with the right purpose, He will indeed give us wisdom and help us every step that we go.