Friday, June 22, 2007

Short Story

Here’s a story:
There was a boy who wanted a brand new PS3. He asked his dad for it but dad knows for certain that if the son has the PS3, the son will not study and will be indulged in the game. Daddy then explained and hoped that the son could understand. But stubbornly, the son insisted and cried day and night, rebellious, unwilling to do anything else. Being in such situation, having to take the headache, the dad still insists on not buying the PS3 for the son. When it comes to time like this, either one side must give up, but it doesn’t mean that the one who gives up first is on the losing side. The son will soon see that daddy is doing all these for his own good. And if he shows his willingness and ability to balance his studies and playing time, daddy might actually give him his PS3.

This story tells us something very important. When there are two stubborn parties, one must give up, if the two of them continue and press on, unwilling to take a look at the big picture, their relationship might be shaken.

When we pause, listen to advice, think over it and discern, in the end, we might be able to get the best out of the situation and also able to preserve the relationship.

In the end, the son listens to his daddy and studied hard. And when his results are out, daddy gave his the PS3. Later only that he found out that daddy had already bought the PS3 for him a long time ago, and was just waiting for the right time to give it to him.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Prom - an exciting, beautiful, loving, and unforgettable night. Everyone there were like prince and princesses. Dressed decently, elegantly, stylish, all are pretty and handsome. Best dress? No matter what is your size, how’s your hair, what you are wearing, everyone is a winner. All these are captured and will soon remain as an unforgettable experience for everyone. Taking photos non-stop, is this the only thing that will preserve the moment?

As for me, I am sure not to forget this night. The guys coming over to fetch us, unintentionally, we were late – putting on our make up, doing our hair, putting on our best dress. Opening the door seeing them smartly dressed. Grown up boys.

Reaching the hotel, all you can see are beautiful people with bright smile on the faces. Seeing our classmates – CEO look, fatherly look, mature look, well, they all look good. Nice food, good MC, grand place, what else do we expect more?
It was certainly a tiring but enjoyable day.

Off to a short tour, we went to Kajang, wanted to eat the famous Kajang Sate but left without having even a bite of it. But we went to PD the next day - Excited. The first thing we did was watch fantastic 4 2. That movie was awesome; cut away the cold, all are good. We went to Yatch Club after that. We went to the beach, running along to beach, we ran across baby crabs – screaming, terrified, and finally a big laugh – stepping on baby crabs? Lol… its really a new thing.

Sitting on the rocks, listening to the wave, looking at the sun, appreciating the beauty of nature. The four of us later went for a delicious home cooked dinner. CRABSSsssssssss… finally, some pd crabs. Later, back at the beach, no alcohol, just some time together with friends.

Being at two places at a time, at the top of Tanjung Tuan, at the peak of the light house, enjoying the view. Time flies, sending my friends to the train station and buying a ticket home for myself. Being at the bus station, the end of the vacation. Must all good things come to an end? Its just like looking at the horizan, we do not know for certain what is coming our way, we just wish for the best. All are in the hands of God, living every single day to the fullest, just enjoying all that are happening around.

Friday, June 15, 2007

True friends?

Our friends determine where we stand in the future. Well, this is not 100% right, but there are many truths in it. Who do we want to mix with? Who is suitable to be our friends? Are we going for quantity or quality? There are many “hi bye” friends but how many friends really know how we feel and how many are willing to sacrifice their time to help us when we have difficulties? Will this person destroy my dreams or will this person stand with me through winds and storms? When we are happy, rich, powerful, people will be attracted to be part of our life; will they still want to be our friends if we are just a normal person?

What are we looking for in a friendship? Are we looking at the long term or short term of friendship? Do we just want someone to be with us so that we will not feel lonely? Do we want friends to just play sports with us? Do we just want movie partners? Long term friends do not come easily; it takes courage, commitment, time, care, love…

There are some people that create a barrier between themselves and those around. Maybe they are afraid, maybe they just can’t trust anyone around, and maybe they just don’t want to trouble others, all the maybes. But no matter how high or how thick the barriers are, commitment and care will break through it.

The general friends that we have are uncountable but those true friends who really understand us can be counted. In the movie “bands of brothers”, they go through everything together and they are even willing to put their life in risk for each other.
Facing life and death together every day of our life will certainly bring to the level of friendship that we will really appreciate. But of cause not all of us face the same situation; however, the type of war that we are facing in this day is different. Friendship may be broken with just a few disagreement, a few gossips, but it will take much more then that to break a real friendship.

How do friends know that we are down? What will they do? Some friends, it is easy to tell from their facial expression that they are troubled, some might just tell us when they are troubled, but for some, it is almost impossible to tell. Well, all these take time for us to analyze but with countless effort, one day, we are sure to be able to sense the trouble even though the person might be smiling all the time. We might not be able to accommodate everyone’s needs but we have to be ready to sacrifice for those that we truly call friends.

Since I came here, I really thank God for all the good people that He brought into my life. We do not expect everyone to be perfect because we ourselves are not perfect. We might try our best to accommodate them and who know, in the process of doing this, there might actually be a true friend. Sometimes we can be cheered up just by a single phone call, just knowing that there is actually someone who cares will make us feel better. They are forever encouraging.

Appreciate the small things that we have and the big reward will come in various ways. =D. The wind might be blowing strongly but if the root is deeply planted into the ground, no wind can uproot it. Just like true friendship.

Do we need or do we want?


There are many people around us who are often confused between what we want and what we need. Our basic needs were a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc.. etc..
But nowadays, people are looking for more than that. We often ask, what type of house, what type of car, which brand of clothes, which restaurants…

What about when we come to relationship? People are often confused with what we want or what we need. Some may want a relationship for the sake of being attached. They do not care about who the other person is as long as they can say that they are in a relationship. Can this be a cause of peer pressure? With everyone around us that are having a girl friend or a boy friend while we are still alone, is this a new social pressure? We have to be certain of what we want in life. Love is not a game; we are not supposed to play with people’s feeling. I am often warned not to play with people’s feeling. Everyone have our own emotion. Some like to show it out, cry over it, but there are also those who like to keep it to themselves. One of my friends told me that it is easier for girls to get over emotional breakdown because they just tell everything to their girl friends but it is hard for a guy to get over emotional breakdown because they often like to hide it and keep it to themselves – “macho ness”- according to my friend. But isn’t this too generalized?

It is of cause good to have someone that cares, love, willing to sacrifice for you. But do we want to be in a relationship because we want these things; because we crave for it; because everyone around us has it? Or do we want to get involve in it because we really like the person? We often ask for advice, but how can others know how we feel when we ourselves are not certain? Of cause they can give us advice, give us their point of view, tell us the pros and cons… but ultimately, we have to decide on our own.

Is this a dog eat dog world? There are many who like to take advantage of others. No different between guys or girls. But in the end, one will get hurt or both occasionally. Taking advantage of people is wrong! Giving the false hope just to get what we want is also wrong! In this materialistic world, many are unconsciously doing this. Toying people around and change partners like changing clothes is not right. Some might say, I’m only making the best out of everything, I’m not forcing them to do so, I’m just playing along, I should live life to the fullest, I’m this… I’m that… - where will this bring us to? There are many reasons to justify all our actions. But if we know that it is wrong, why do it?

I have a friend that is very cool about this. He is really one of the few that think this way. He always tell me that “there is always a right time, don’t need to rush”. I totally agree with him on this issue. Even though he likes a girl, he wants to make sure that everything goes alright before he pops the question. How many are willing to wait? Or is your partner willing to wait? My other friend said “if they are not willing to wait then maybe they are not worth it”. How do you differentiate a crush and true love? Crushes might be a spear of moment, passion, nothing about commitment at all, are we willing to sacrifice? Are we willing to give up certain habit? Many of my friends often have the ideology that how do you know if you don’t try? Relationship is more like a trail and error thing for them. They often tell me that we learn from experience, so that when it comes to the right one, we know what to do about it. Well, there are many ways of looking at this. I might not agree with what they are doing but they do have their own reasoning. The question of “what if” always come into the picture- what if I stayed with him, what if he is the right one, what if there is actually a future for us… what if… what if… – What about learning from the experience of others? –

Come back to the “do we want or do we need” question. We should ask ourselves before we take any action. I learned that we cannot control other people’s feeling but we can certainly control our own. Is love really blind? Or are we blinding ourselves in the name of love?

Love is important. For God so LOVE the world that he GAVE His one and only son… we should love God because His love for us will never cease. We can be certain that if our whole world may stumble, He will still be there for us. =D
Is money bad?

Money is certainly not everything, but it is certainly something. You can’t buy everything with money but you can certainly buy many things with it. Having lots of wealth is not a wrong thing. But the question is are we slave to wealth or are we the master of wealth. It is always good to posses the riches of earth, but we are ought to use it wisely. Are we getting this wealth through the right way or the ‘dirty’ way? By taking the ‘dirty’ way, we might feel guilty the first few times but if we continue to do so, it will be a norm to us and sooner or later we will loose our conscience. But hurting others, back stabbing, gossips… these are common in this world. However, it is still our choice to determine whether we want to be a part of it or not. It is a good thing to be rich. Love is measured by what we are able to give and not what we are able to get out of it. Blessing others with wealth is indeed very good. When people are facing difficulties, we ought to lend a helping hand, which is within our capability. But we must be wise when we are helping as well. Do they really need our help or do they just want to take the easy way out and take advantage of others? In our helping, we must also learn how to discern, but this is a very subjective thing to say. If we help, people might want to take advantage, but if we don’t, we might feel guilty, what if the person really needs our help, what if the person is know to be a parasite but are we just going to stand aside when they ask for our help? We shouldn’t be selfish and self centered. No one is an island. When we are rich, we should us the money to help others. We will also feel good by helping others. At least we can be certain that we are more blessed when we have the ability to bless others. Sometimes, we might think twice when we want to buy something for ourselves; but when it comes to buying others things, we are alright with it. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you- when we do good, we don’t expect them to repay us, but our rewards may come in other ways. Earthly treasure can finish and be robbed, but the riches we store in heaven will be there eternally.

Money can change a person’s life. With money, we can do lots of things. Even ministries needs money. It plays a big role in our life. For example, 1 dollar is not a problem to most of us; but what will that 1 dollar be to a poor family that can’t even afford a proper meal? Of cause when people are rich, we ought to move into the next level of society. We dress differently, dine is style, put on branded things etc… It is not a bad thing, being at the top, souring among those around us, it is indeed important for us to keep up with our social standards. In the market place, we have to be aware of how we dress, how we act… grooming plays a big part. But as we are moving towards all these worldly things, are we still in control of our money? Are we still willing to lend a helping hand to those who are in need? Or are we now in a different class and that it is not right to mix with the lower class society? There is indeed a gap among the rich and the poor. But do we want to be the one that are in the upper class or do we want to be the one who bridge the gap? We have to stand up in society and be a PHILANTHROPISTt! This may sound foolish and our friends might disagree with us- we have to have the courage to stand up for the right principle. Life always comes to choices that we have to make. And we have to face the consequences of our choices. Are we going to regret later or enjoy it all depends on our choices.

Of cause in all these things, we have to remember to give our tithes. May it be only a small amount now; it is our duty to do so! If we are not willing to give the little that we have, how are we supposed to give the big amount in the future? God loves a joyful giver. God will bless us if we continue to give faithfully and generously. The offering challenge and building fund is always a debate in our own mind. How much do we want to give? Sometimes, we might forgo the things that we like or want just to fulfill our pledge. But if we learn to give, we will be blessed in many other ways.

Whether money is used for good of bad depends on the person that is holding it. It is of cause good to have a lot of money but we shall not forget those who are in need. Who knows, in the future that they will be a great help to us. But if we are not rich now, there can always be a break through. Pray and work towards our goals. We determine how we want to live our lives. =D

Monday, June 11, 2007

It has been about 4 months since I joined my new cell group. Well, it is fun, interesting, and different from where I once joined.

My cell leader asked me, “What made you stay and join us?” I know that it is no good to be a church hopper. Before I made the decision to join, I prayed about it. I came to knew that I wanted a place which can help me grow closer to God.

The enthusiasm which they have, their love towards God and man, and their passion for God really touched me. They are serious with God’s word and they are fun people as well. Having to choose where we want to be belonging to; most people will consider the environment, the people, the location… We should not be comfortable with where we are, we should continue to seek for more, willing to go the extra mile. The sense of belonging is very important. But we have to know our purpose and not be affected by other worldly things. The hunger for God grew as I am away from home. My mom and dad often reminded me to grow close to God and be contented.

Another reason why I choose to stay might be the spirit I see in my cell leader. She never grew weary serving. She is very focus and her love for God and her willingness to do His work really open my eyes – we are not here to be a member or just to participate, but we are here for a purpose. Everyone’s business is her business (in a good way). She call us up, message us, know about our whereabouts, and is concern of each and everyone around. Her passion to share the word of God is strong. She prepares the word well and make sure that it is applicable to our life.

There are also many in this community that are very special in their own way. The fire in them is burning even after some time. I see them week after week but they are always growing and full of energy every time I see them. (We are on fire during a camp and a little while a camp, and our enthusiasm will slowly die off- especially in motivational camps). But the members there are active, cheerful, and forever on fire for God.

There is this small size guy in the cell that inspired me. He will spend his time to approach new members, and follow up on them, even though he knows nothing about us. Despite his size, he has a big heart. And his passion to do God’s work and study his word is amazing. God looks into the heart and not only our appearance.

There is also others that are ever willing to fetch us to church early even if they are not suppose to be there early. A servant’s heart is important and we should live to serve. Humility and the love for all around us are very important. No one here is calculative when it comes to lending a helping hand.

I learned many things from these people. To be consistent, to serve, to seek, to reach out, and the ripping and the sowing is important. We should not be weary while serving. Of cause there are ups and downs in our life but we ought to live our life to glorify God. I have also learned to pray more, read more and care more about others. The journey has just begun, and no one ever said that it is easy to follow God. There are many things that we have to sacrifice but ultimately, it will all be worth it. The best thing is to know that we are not walking this path alone. =D

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It’s been some time since I came to Subang already… There are people with various character and attitude. Well, we do not aspect everyone to be the same- especially not like us… This is not a world of PENGUINS!

What do we do when we face problems? Who do we go to when we have problems? Why do people come to us when they have are facing problems? Are we looking for answers? Or do we just simply want someone to listen to us?

Some people may actually approach us because they are really confused and so not know what to do; they might be the ones that are searching for a solution. When we come to these situation, we are ought to give appropriate solution, tell them the real thing that is happening, or maybe tell them our point of view. They might come to us because they trust us, because they know that we will give them the most suitable solution, or just maybe we are just at the right place at the right time, or even maybe they just tell their problems to everyone. We may tell them all that we know and the solutions to the problem. But ultimately, they are the decision maker. When we seek for advice, and advices are given, we have to take the step and courage to face it. But despite of all these advices, we have to discern for ourselves. What are their advices based on? Are they really helping us? So they really care? We are the decision maker! We can’t blame them when things don’t turn out the way we think it would be. When we make a decision, we hope for the best, but when it does not turn out the way we want to be, well, this is not the end. We can just make the best out of it.

On the other hand, there might be those who already have the solution, they just want someone else to agree with them. Do they just want to confirm the decision that they make? Or are they doing this so that they have someone else to blame when things doesn’t turn out the way it should? We can’t blame others when the advices that they give is not appropriate or doesn’t work out the way we want it to be. Maybe they have tried their best to help us but fate does not stand on our side? Life is a journey, we will reach somewhere someday, it all depends on the decision we make today. We must have a teachable heart and learn from our mistakes. The same wind blows again and again – trials and temptation will continue to come, but we must make the best decision and make the right move. Today’s decision will decide where we stand in the future.

There are also some that simply just want to talk about their problems. Good intension or bad intensions? Or do they just like to share what they are going through? Or are they just trying to find a conversation? Or are they trying to teach us something through all of this? Or are they just simply trying to test our wisdom? Or do they just want to bring up the issue? Or do they want compassion? Or do they want attention?

As people who gives advices, we are ought to encounter the problem by looking at the whole picture. We cannot be bias, we cannot be blinded with emotion, and we certainly cannot just don’t care about the outcome. We have to have patience, compassion, and be wise! We tackle different issue with different tactics. Life is not a just a piece of cake, it might be more complicated then it look like.

As for me, where do I go when I face problems? Maybe to my family, maybe to certain friend, but for certainly to God! But one thing to remember is that we are not the only ones that are facing these problems.

Why things happen again and again? Is it just because history repeats itself? Have we thought that these things never end might be because we haven’t learned what we are suppose to learn from it? Or are we just holding on to the pass and cannot let it go? Things happen, do the best we can, overcome it, and don’t regret on the decision that we make but work on it!

But before we take any action and decide on anything, ask wisdom from God, tell Him all your problems, He can certainly be trusted and reliable. Ask God to lead us and walk with us through these difficulties.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just feel like sharing something that I’ve learned this weekend in church.. =D

What is mistake?

Mistake is to regard or to identify something or someone wrongly, an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. which often resulted in unfavorable or undesired results.

What would be the possible causes of mistake in our lives?
There are a few that are listed but what really struck me is point 3.

1. Mistake made out of fear and worry for our daily needs.
2. Mistake made out of ignorance and faulty reasoning.
3. Mistake made out of laziness
- 1 Kings 1: 6
- We always regret that we did not work hard enough after our exams. We will think “if only I spend a few more hours”, “if only I did more practices”, “if only I look through the pass years”… then we would tell ourselves, I’ll work harder for the next exam… But are those the questions that we ask ourselves again and again? When are we going to really change and not make this mistake again? Or are we going to ask those questions every time we walk out of the exam hall?
- Smartness only brings us until a certain stage, but our hard work plays a big part. For example, there are two very talented businessmen. One is willing to work hard while the other is only willing to do the minimum. Who is going to penetrate the market more effectively?
- God does not promote short-cut. We have to work smartly. Laziness is not part of our contract with God. We are accountable for the things we do. Each of us has an equal of 24 hours per day. But how we spend our time determine where we stand in the future.
4. Mistake made due to the lack of self-control.
- Many marriages fall apart because of lack of self-control. We do not test God. If we know that we cannot resist the temptation, sometimes its better to stay away from it. We do not purposely go to unnecessarily places and indulge ourselves in sin.
- We are often tempted especially when we have too much of time. It is best for us to set our goals and know the purpose of life. Occupy ourselves with useful and healthy things. We have to learn to divert our energy to the proper things on earth.
- The pride in mankind can also dangerous. Sometimes pride might stop us from committing the mistakes that we make. Relationships might turn sour because of this. Are all these worth it just because we want to save face?
5. Mistake made out of a wrong value system in our lives.

What is important: We must learn to admit our mistakes

There are also 4 reasons given for us to celebrate our mistakes.

1. Noticing mistakes shows our commitment to quality
2. Mistakes make powerful teachers.
3. Mistakes get our attention
4. Permitting mistakes allows us to take risks

It is not what is done to you that determines the outcome of your life, but how you respond to injustice that decides your destiny. – Dr. Robb D. Thomson-