Friday, October 26, 2007

Listen to the silence

People come, people go,
Houses built, trees gone,
River flow, rubbish filled,
Nations flourish, nations fall,
Being part of it yet not understanding it.
But life goes on.

Actions taken, cannot be undone,
Words said cannot be kept back.
But there is still hope, hopefully,
Struggling to get out of struggle,
Staying alert dodging troubles.

Broken glass cannot be mended,
A new one might not be the same.
Trials comes lesson learned,
Series of uncertainty are tackled.
The choices are in our hand.

When all seem dim,
Find the light,
When all seem lost,
Ask for direction.
When all are gone,
Look forward.
Keep holding on.
He will lead.

The light is the brightest when all are dark.
The color is brought out when all are pale.
The voice is the loudest around silence.
The power is strongest when we are weak.
Faith is stretched when we are challenged.

Too many choices,
Too many decisions,
Too many uncertainties,
Could the best step be not doing anything?
Just listen.
The unspoken words,
The leafy path,
Maybe it’s the path,
It’s the path,
The path we never noticed.
Learn to listen in the silence.
He will provide.
No worries.

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