Monday, September 24, 2007

Year End goals =D

Its my first day of fast, fast and pray for my family and my studies =D. Not that bad, but having the urge to go online to chat on and off. Its also the first day of college, not that bad also. Well, people make their New Year resolution and work towards it. But I haven’t set much goals though, always having the mindset of if you have no goals, you have no disappointment. But well, maybe its time for a change. But this cannot be called a New Year resolution though, because its not New Year. =D maybe its just some stuff I want to do and hope to achieve. Was chatting the other day, my friend said something I it was stuck in my head since then. “Why not glorify God in everything you do?” I know this, but it just sort of keeps ringing in my brain since that statement is made. So, here are some things that I hope to achieve before I regret not doing it. In a race, all runners run, but only one will get the prize. So, we shall run in such a way that we get the prize. =D

1. Scoring in exams – well, we always talk about faith, but a man is justified by his works, not by faith alone. As a student, the best thing for now is to be a testimony is through our results.

2. Have patience – a realized that I like to rush people, but most of the time is because other people are rushing me. And I have to learn to have patience when it comes to lots of random stuff. Have my regrets and will learn to set things right.

3. Finish my book – haven’t been reading much but this book did caught my attention. Borrowed it a long long time ago but can’t seem to finish it. After reading a bit, I realized that there are many things that I don’t understand yet. (will write a blog about it after I finish reading =D)

4. Live a healthy lifestyle – well, first I have to start with a healthy diet. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Keep is healthy keep it clean!!! And some exercises will do me good as well. And have at least 4-5 hours of sleep per day.

5. Start a record of my budget – I’ve to learn to be a good steward of $$$. Was thinking back, I realized that I myself don’t spend much, but I have to keep an account of where my $ goes. (it’s amazing that I had only 2 figure in my account in mid August. But I’m still living till now, indeed He will provide when we give faithfully.) Was blessed by my dad, my mum and my sis.

Well, no point setting too many goals and not working towards it. So, this is so far 5 objectives that I will want to achieve by the end of this year!!!

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