Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do people think too much?

Do smart people think too much at some point? Here’s a situation. One day, I invited a friend for a dinner with a group of four. I said, “hey hey, John asked you, asvin and I for dinner. So come along k.” it’s a normal day situation. But I was humored with the reply I got. He was saying, I have 5 theories about this invitation.

First, he really invited the 3 of us. Second, he invited you and you are bringing both of us along. Third, he invited you and you don’t want to have dinner alone with him. Forth, you are bringing me along to make someone jealous, and fifth, you have nothing to talk to him and bring me to start a conversation.

How much can a person think out of one simple question? I just laughed and replied, when I say he invited you means that he actually invited you!!!

Are we thinking all these stuff because it happens too often around us? Here is the reasoning for him to think this way. First, there is the probability of him inviting the 3 of us. Second, sometimes, people don’t feel easy comfortable being alone with another person, well, it is no harm in bringing others along as long as the other party knows about it. Third, the more the merrier, when there are more in a crowd, it will be livelier. Forth, people sometimes get close to others to make someone jealous, but we must always remember the golden rule, people has feelings as well. And fifth, when there are more people gathered around, it is easier to initiate a conversation and there are more things to talk about.

Sometimes, when we think too much, it just leads to trouble and it might make our life miserable. But on the other hand, it prepares us for the situation to come and that we will be more cautious. But in everything we do, do it out of love. Love, be it in family, friendship, people that hurt us before, maybe even to random people around us, or even people far far away that needs our help. It is good to see other people are blessed and the smile on their face. Meet a need when you see one, it doesn’t matter if it is appreciated or not, it won’t be sincere if we are expecting something in return. =D

At last, we had dinner together in Batavia. Its Indonesian food. Food is a good way of bringing people together; catching up with what was left behind, getting to know each other more… And we had a long long chat of random stuff and went home happily. =D Praise the Lord even if it’s a bumpy road that we are going through.

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