Sunday, September 30, 2007


Eating, sleeping, playing, praying, studying, working, surfing the net, chatting, messaging… these are some of the daily “routine” that people go through.

What will we do when suddenly these things just don’t go the way we want it to be? What will we do when we don’t have food to eat, can’t sleep, no play time, what’s next after our studies? “No internet connection in this area?”- don’t be surprised when people ask this question. Suddenly your close friend stops messaging you, what happened? You suddenly can’t focus in your work; you suddenly feel a distance away from people.

Something doesn’t go right; the first thing that comes to mind is “did I do anything wrong?”. And when we can’t find the fault, the mistake, we are troubled the whole day.

Are we too used to routine? When something doesn’t happen the way we expect it to be, we get frustrated, we ponder, and we are confused. The question of what’s next is always there…

Here’s a short story:
There is once a bunch of college student who stays together. There are close, they hardly fight, living in harmony. But no one liked to do certain chores in the house. Suddenly, one day, one of them decided that he wanted to take up the chore and do it. None of them like to do the chore, but he doesn’t mind doing it even though it might be a little troublesome. So he took up the responsibility, having the thought that doing something out of routine is nothing compared to having a house full with unhappy people when it comes to chores.
To his surprise, the housemates did not that him, but instead scolded him and said, “don’t try to be holy, we know you don’t enjoy doing this.” … >.<” Ouch, never did he thought that such words will come out from their mouth. He wasn’t even hoping for a big thank you but he never expected such respond either.
When we do good, we do not expect something in return, but what is heartbreaking is when people think that we have motives, that we try to bribe them, that we are up to something fishy. Are these things and these thoughts disturbing? But are they going to stop us from continue doing what is right? Be strong in the grace of giving. Don’t become talkers but become doers. We might be in a situation where all around us are against us. But remember that we are created for the glory of the Lord. Do all things for His glory. We might be the odd one, but we are certainly not alone.

* story is not related to what’s written before it, just some randomness. :p

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