Sunday, September 16, 2007

Heroessss = Teaching us about life?

Do we each have a mission on earth?

There are friends that will help us on the way.

But there might also be time that we have to discern.

So we need to think hard!!!

We will find out soon. =D


[>Rift<] said...

LOL. Nice captions. But why the focus only on Hiro?? XD

EverlastingJoy said...

Focus on him cos he is CUTE.. hehehee... his character i mean.. hehehe..

speakeasy said...

Wahseh ler, you really outdid yourself this time around.Keep up the Good posts now that you are free yeah.

Ah Fu said...

I'm here to tag only to see that there is no tag board here!!

Continue to visit my blog and will catch up if I'm going to KL!

There is definitely heros lying around and is a matter of choice: whether to rise up to the occasion or just sit back and relax!

Jiayou and of course blog more!