Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Troubles = sleep = decisions

Some time, some part of life, we are just troubled. We can’t concentrate, can’t seem to do things right, even the simplest things we get it wrong. But we just don’t know what is troubling us. Hmmm… we just suddenly feel down, not knowing what to do next. Everything just seems wrong. We sometimes just randomly don’t feel like studying, working, doing what we normally do.

What can we do when we face these situations? Having the want to do nothing feeling, we are easily influenced. If those around us are doing drugs, drinking, clubbing, lepaking… we will tend to follow. Is this when we get into more troubles and feel stupid when we wake up?

Or what we can do is to sleep over it. Sleeping helps in many ways. When we wake up, we just seem to be calmer, everything else just seems to fade away, and we can think and decide more rationally. It gives our brain time to structure things. Put all the unnecessary things behind, and when we wake up, we can be more focus. No bad influence by anyone. No waste of time, no waste of money- instead of going bowling, pool, arcade, cyber café, movies… we are recharged when we wake up, and it is most effective when we pray right when we get up from the bed.

But eventually, the day is how we want the day to be. We decide how we want to feel. Its either we make our decisions based on emotional or rational. We can’t control everything around us, but we certainly can decide and shape our own day.

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Janus995-Cheeps said...

Makes sense. Usually screwed up people are the ones that don't have enough sleep.