Monday, September 10, 2007



Another holiday is here. Will it be a fruitful holiday? Will there be anything special happening? Time flies. It has only been less then 15 months since I started college. Yet, many things have happened. Good things, bad things, things that don’t make sense, all cramped up in these time. Our ring of friends change, our approach to things change, our views changes, the things that we go through shape us and will make us who we are in future.

Getting hooked onto different things at different part of life, the way we look at things, the way we overcome it, those around that help us overcome it. This has made the bonding between our family members, the bonding with friends, and the bonding with all those around even closer then ever, and yet for some further apart. As we take ever step further into the future, we face new things; things that we never thought will be part of our lives. But yet, no matter what happens, God will make a way for us – either we continue to face it or we have to turn 180’ away from it. may it be good or be bad, there is always someone out there watching over us, praying for us, making sure that we analyze every move we make, guide us and protect us from harm.

Not expecting much for this holiday, just hope to have more badminton, more boling, more outing, more swimming maybe, and certainly some studies need to be done. And not forgetting longer period and more effective quite time, learn a bit more guitar and help out wherever I can. Not forgetting building a strong bond with those around us. =D

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speakeasy said...

Hmm usualy I sleep away my holidays. I go to sleep on the last day of college and wake up when the next semester starts...