Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Bugging random thoughts

1. Why would someone buy vodka knowing that he/she will never drink it? Random actions that has no explanation?

2. Why do we expect to find a perfect partner when we alone are not perfect? And when the perfect person shown up, we find that we are unworthy and back off?

3. Why do we get homesick when we just leave home for one day? Even when we have lots of activities around us.

4. Why do we smile all the time when there are actually nothing much to be happy about? And can’t even cry when we are depressed? Till no one can actually tell how we feel from the outside?

5. How do we say that we are close to God when non-Christians know the bible better then us? How can we not remember much even we have been reading the same stuff over and over again?

6. Why do we have endless chats online and have practically nothing to talk about when we meet each other? Does internet create more problems then solving?

7. Why is it that random things just appear when we say we want to focus? Why do random people appear when we have other better things to think about?

8. Why is it hard to say “no” to a close friend even if its inconvenient? Why is it more fun to see our friends being happy rather then being happy doing other things that we enjoy?

9. Why do we feel guilty when we do something wrong and when others don’t feel a thing at all? Why do we feel extremely guilty when someone is upset because of us?

10. How do we celebrate when we do well but others don’t? And how do we don’t do well when everyone else is doing well? Where will we be many years from now?

*How do we expect people to understand how we feel when we sometimes don’t understand how we ourselves feel?

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