Friday, September 14, 2007

Holidaysssssss 3

Once again a day has come and goes. Hmm… not a very fruitful holiday so far. Pretty much alone in the morning and afternoon. Everyone goes to work and school. Well, when we have to go for classes, we complain and when we have too much holiday we complain too. Sometimes, come to think about it, in certain situation, we don’t treasure when we have it in hand, but we complain and get disappointed when we lose it.

Just started the walk with - MARK, again. Well, many times have I read this book. It’s the shortest among the 4 gospel. But how much do I really know about it? Reading and understanding is two different things. Maybe this holiday I shall find something different about it. Maybe a hidden meaning, maybe I could unlock an unknown secret. =D

Hmm.. getting bored and nothing much to do. My “chatting kaki” are all offline d. guess its time for me to do some stuff not in front the comp, maybe find something more useful to do. :p


speakeasy said...

In order to kill time, what I usually do is read.But you know now is the time you can do things that you always wanted to do but found it too troublesome/ time consuming eg cleaning up your e-mail inbox. Mine has something like 500 mails waiting to be cleaned up.

EverlastingJoy said...

hahahhaaa... thanks for the suggestion. reading - have been following a few magazines- national geo and also newsweek.. =D and did much cleaning at home today =D