Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bar B Q

Was browsing through blogs. One blog did caught my eyes, that’s Ah Fu’s blog. First time going into his blog, and I can see food food and food. =D How can someone like me who likes to eat have no food picture in my blog? But just realized that we were too busy eating and only managed to take 4 photos.

Well this dish looked interesting and looked delicious but it somehow tasted more like flour.

Its in Bar B Q, in Pyramid of cos. the food there is ok. But we enjoyed cooking!!! Some burnt, some overcooked, some not so cook, but well, at least we enjoyed it.

Well, this is a place that we can hang out for hours, just catch up, chat, and talk nonsense... heheh.. =D

1 comment:

speakeasy said...

Wahsehler, you went BBq with Asvin and never ta pao any for W16 and W28? Argghhh...