Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just feel like sharing something that I’ve learned this weekend in church.. =D

What is mistake?

Mistake is to regard or to identify something or someone wrongly, an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. which often resulted in unfavorable or undesired results.

What would be the possible causes of mistake in our lives?
There are a few that are listed but what really struck me is point 3.

1. Mistake made out of fear and worry for our daily needs.
2. Mistake made out of ignorance and faulty reasoning.
3. Mistake made out of laziness
- 1 Kings 1: 6
- We always regret that we did not work hard enough after our exams. We will think “if only I spend a few more hours”, “if only I did more practices”, “if only I look through the pass years”… then we would tell ourselves, I’ll work harder for the next exam… But are those the questions that we ask ourselves again and again? When are we going to really change and not make this mistake again? Or are we going to ask those questions every time we walk out of the exam hall?
- Smartness only brings us until a certain stage, but our hard work plays a big part. For example, there are two very talented businessmen. One is willing to work hard while the other is only willing to do the minimum. Who is going to penetrate the market more effectively?
- God does not promote short-cut. We have to work smartly. Laziness is not part of our contract with God. We are accountable for the things we do. Each of us has an equal of 24 hours per day. But how we spend our time determine where we stand in the future.
4. Mistake made due to the lack of self-control.
- Many marriages fall apart because of lack of self-control. We do not test God. If we know that we cannot resist the temptation, sometimes its better to stay away from it. We do not purposely go to unnecessarily places and indulge ourselves in sin.
- We are often tempted especially when we have too much of time. It is best for us to set our goals and know the purpose of life. Occupy ourselves with useful and healthy things. We have to learn to divert our energy to the proper things on earth.
- The pride in mankind can also dangerous. Sometimes pride might stop us from committing the mistakes that we make. Relationships might turn sour because of this. Are all these worth it just because we want to save face?
5. Mistake made out of a wrong value system in our lives.

What is important: We must learn to admit our mistakes

There are also 4 reasons given for us to celebrate our mistakes.

1. Noticing mistakes shows our commitment to quality
2. Mistakes make powerful teachers.
3. Mistakes get our attention
4. Permitting mistakes allows us to take risks

It is not what is done to you that determines the outcome of your life, but how you respond to injustice that decides your destiny. – Dr. Robb D. Thomson-

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