Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It’s been some time since I came to Subang already… There are people with various character and attitude. Well, we do not aspect everyone to be the same- especially not like us… This is not a world of PENGUINS!

What do we do when we face problems? Who do we go to when we have problems? Why do people come to us when they have are facing problems? Are we looking for answers? Or do we just simply want someone to listen to us?

Some people may actually approach us because they are really confused and so not know what to do; they might be the ones that are searching for a solution. When we come to these situation, we are ought to give appropriate solution, tell them the real thing that is happening, or maybe tell them our point of view. They might come to us because they trust us, because they know that we will give them the most suitable solution, or just maybe we are just at the right place at the right time, or even maybe they just tell their problems to everyone. We may tell them all that we know and the solutions to the problem. But ultimately, they are the decision maker. When we seek for advice, and advices are given, we have to take the step and courage to face it. But despite of all these advices, we have to discern for ourselves. What are their advices based on? Are they really helping us? So they really care? We are the decision maker! We can’t blame them when things don’t turn out the way we think it would be. When we make a decision, we hope for the best, but when it does not turn out the way we want to be, well, this is not the end. We can just make the best out of it.

On the other hand, there might be those who already have the solution, they just want someone else to agree with them. Do they just want to confirm the decision that they make? Or are they doing this so that they have someone else to blame when things doesn’t turn out the way it should? We can’t blame others when the advices that they give is not appropriate or doesn’t work out the way we want it to be. Maybe they have tried their best to help us but fate does not stand on our side? Life is a journey, we will reach somewhere someday, it all depends on the decision we make today. We must have a teachable heart and learn from our mistakes. The same wind blows again and again – trials and temptation will continue to come, but we must make the best decision and make the right move. Today’s decision will decide where we stand in the future.

There are also some that simply just want to talk about their problems. Good intension or bad intensions? Or do they just like to share what they are going through? Or are they just trying to find a conversation? Or are they trying to teach us something through all of this? Or are they just simply trying to test our wisdom? Or do they just want to bring up the issue? Or do they want compassion? Or do they want attention?

As people who gives advices, we are ought to encounter the problem by looking at the whole picture. We cannot be bias, we cannot be blinded with emotion, and we certainly cannot just don’t care about the outcome. We have to have patience, compassion, and be wise! We tackle different issue with different tactics. Life is not a just a piece of cake, it might be more complicated then it look like.

As for me, where do I go when I face problems? Maybe to my family, maybe to certain friend, but for certainly to God! But one thing to remember is that we are not the only ones that are facing these problems.

Why things happen again and again? Is it just because history repeats itself? Have we thought that these things never end might be because we haven’t learned what we are suppose to learn from it? Or are we just holding on to the pass and cannot let it go? Things happen, do the best we can, overcome it, and don’t regret on the decision that we make but work on it!

But before we take any action and decide on anything, ask wisdom from God, tell Him all your problems, He can certainly be trusted and reliable. Ask God to lead us and walk with us through these difficulties.


Mischel Kandiah said...

OOooo. thats nice. At least there's always someone there even during times when ur lonely. Just gotta keep looking up =D

Senkrad said...

You pretty much covered all the possibilities of why someone might go to people with their problems.

In my case, I usually just do it because I like to see different people's take on the situation. Sometimes you learn something new. Mostly though, the responses are all pretty much what I expected anyway.

If people come to me with their problems, I usually just outline the possible solutions and possible outcomes. And make it clear that it's their decision to make - I can offer my opinion on which is the best course of action, but in the end it's up to the person.