Friday, June 15, 2007

True friends?

Our friends determine where we stand in the future. Well, this is not 100% right, but there are many truths in it. Who do we want to mix with? Who is suitable to be our friends? Are we going for quantity or quality? There are many “hi bye” friends but how many friends really know how we feel and how many are willing to sacrifice their time to help us when we have difficulties? Will this person destroy my dreams or will this person stand with me through winds and storms? When we are happy, rich, powerful, people will be attracted to be part of our life; will they still want to be our friends if we are just a normal person?

What are we looking for in a friendship? Are we looking at the long term or short term of friendship? Do we just want someone to be with us so that we will not feel lonely? Do we want friends to just play sports with us? Do we just want movie partners? Long term friends do not come easily; it takes courage, commitment, time, care, love…

There are some people that create a barrier between themselves and those around. Maybe they are afraid, maybe they just can’t trust anyone around, and maybe they just don’t want to trouble others, all the maybes. But no matter how high or how thick the barriers are, commitment and care will break through it.

The general friends that we have are uncountable but those true friends who really understand us can be counted. In the movie “bands of brothers”, they go through everything together and they are even willing to put their life in risk for each other.
Facing life and death together every day of our life will certainly bring to the level of friendship that we will really appreciate. But of cause not all of us face the same situation; however, the type of war that we are facing in this day is different. Friendship may be broken with just a few disagreement, a few gossips, but it will take much more then that to break a real friendship.

How do friends know that we are down? What will they do? Some friends, it is easy to tell from their facial expression that they are troubled, some might just tell us when they are troubled, but for some, it is almost impossible to tell. Well, all these take time for us to analyze but with countless effort, one day, we are sure to be able to sense the trouble even though the person might be smiling all the time. We might not be able to accommodate everyone’s needs but we have to be ready to sacrifice for those that we truly call friends.

Since I came here, I really thank God for all the good people that He brought into my life. We do not expect everyone to be perfect because we ourselves are not perfect. We might try our best to accommodate them and who know, in the process of doing this, there might actually be a true friend. Sometimes we can be cheered up just by a single phone call, just knowing that there is actually someone who cares will make us feel better. They are forever encouraging.

Appreciate the small things that we have and the big reward will come in various ways. =D. The wind might be blowing strongly but if the root is deeply planted into the ground, no wind can uproot it. Just like true friendship.


Mischel Kandiah said...
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Mischel Kandiah said...

It all eventually comes down to God doesn't it. =P