Monday, June 11, 2007

It has been about 4 months since I joined my new cell group. Well, it is fun, interesting, and different from where I once joined.

My cell leader asked me, “What made you stay and join us?” I know that it is no good to be a church hopper. Before I made the decision to join, I prayed about it. I came to knew that I wanted a place which can help me grow closer to God.

The enthusiasm which they have, their love towards God and man, and their passion for God really touched me. They are serious with God’s word and they are fun people as well. Having to choose where we want to be belonging to; most people will consider the environment, the people, the location… We should not be comfortable with where we are, we should continue to seek for more, willing to go the extra mile. The sense of belonging is very important. But we have to know our purpose and not be affected by other worldly things. The hunger for God grew as I am away from home. My mom and dad often reminded me to grow close to God and be contented.

Another reason why I choose to stay might be the spirit I see in my cell leader. She never grew weary serving. She is very focus and her love for God and her willingness to do His work really open my eyes – we are not here to be a member or just to participate, but we are here for a purpose. Everyone’s business is her business (in a good way). She call us up, message us, know about our whereabouts, and is concern of each and everyone around. Her passion to share the word of God is strong. She prepares the word well and make sure that it is applicable to our life.

There are also many in this community that are very special in their own way. The fire in them is burning even after some time. I see them week after week but they are always growing and full of energy every time I see them. (We are on fire during a camp and a little while a camp, and our enthusiasm will slowly die off- especially in motivational camps). But the members there are active, cheerful, and forever on fire for God.

There is this small size guy in the cell that inspired me. He will spend his time to approach new members, and follow up on them, even though he knows nothing about us. Despite his size, he has a big heart. And his passion to do God’s work and study his word is amazing. God looks into the heart and not only our appearance.

There is also others that are ever willing to fetch us to church early even if they are not suppose to be there early. A servant’s heart is important and we should live to serve. Humility and the love for all around us are very important. No one here is calculative when it comes to lending a helping hand.

I learned many things from these people. To be consistent, to serve, to seek, to reach out, and the ripping and the sowing is important. We should not be weary while serving. Of cause there are ups and downs in our life but we ought to live our life to glorify God. I have also learned to pray more, read more and care more about others. The journey has just begun, and no one ever said that it is easy to follow God. There are many things that we have to sacrifice but ultimately, it will all be worth it. The best thing is to know that we are not walking this path alone. =D

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