Friday, June 15, 2007

Is money bad?

Money is certainly not everything, but it is certainly something. You can’t buy everything with money but you can certainly buy many things with it. Having lots of wealth is not a wrong thing. But the question is are we slave to wealth or are we the master of wealth. It is always good to posses the riches of earth, but we are ought to use it wisely. Are we getting this wealth through the right way or the ‘dirty’ way? By taking the ‘dirty’ way, we might feel guilty the first few times but if we continue to do so, it will be a norm to us and sooner or later we will loose our conscience. But hurting others, back stabbing, gossips… these are common in this world. However, it is still our choice to determine whether we want to be a part of it or not. It is a good thing to be rich. Love is measured by what we are able to give and not what we are able to get out of it. Blessing others with wealth is indeed very good. When people are facing difficulties, we ought to lend a helping hand, which is within our capability. But we must be wise when we are helping as well. Do they really need our help or do they just want to take the easy way out and take advantage of others? In our helping, we must also learn how to discern, but this is a very subjective thing to say. If we help, people might want to take advantage, but if we don’t, we might feel guilty, what if the person really needs our help, what if the person is know to be a parasite but are we just going to stand aside when they ask for our help? We shouldn’t be selfish and self centered. No one is an island. When we are rich, we should us the money to help others. We will also feel good by helping others. At least we can be certain that we are more blessed when we have the ability to bless others. Sometimes, we might think twice when we want to buy something for ourselves; but when it comes to buying others things, we are alright with it. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you- when we do good, we don’t expect them to repay us, but our rewards may come in other ways. Earthly treasure can finish and be robbed, but the riches we store in heaven will be there eternally.

Money can change a person’s life. With money, we can do lots of things. Even ministries needs money. It plays a big role in our life. For example, 1 dollar is not a problem to most of us; but what will that 1 dollar be to a poor family that can’t even afford a proper meal? Of cause when people are rich, we ought to move into the next level of society. We dress differently, dine is style, put on branded things etc… It is not a bad thing, being at the top, souring among those around us, it is indeed important for us to keep up with our social standards. In the market place, we have to be aware of how we dress, how we act… grooming plays a big part. But as we are moving towards all these worldly things, are we still in control of our money? Are we still willing to lend a helping hand to those who are in need? Or are we now in a different class and that it is not right to mix with the lower class society? There is indeed a gap among the rich and the poor. But do we want to be the one that are in the upper class or do we want to be the one who bridge the gap? We have to stand up in society and be a PHILANTHROPISTt! This may sound foolish and our friends might disagree with us- we have to have the courage to stand up for the right principle. Life always comes to choices that we have to make. And we have to face the consequences of our choices. Are we going to regret later or enjoy it all depends on our choices.

Of cause in all these things, we have to remember to give our tithes. May it be only a small amount now; it is our duty to do so! If we are not willing to give the little that we have, how are we supposed to give the big amount in the future? God loves a joyful giver. God will bless us if we continue to give faithfully and generously. The offering challenge and building fund is always a debate in our own mind. How much do we want to give? Sometimes, we might forgo the things that we like or want just to fulfill our pledge. But if we learn to give, we will be blessed in many other ways.

Whether money is used for good of bad depends on the person that is holding it. It is of cause good to have a lot of money but we shall not forget those who are in need. Who knows, in the future that they will be a great help to us. But if we are not rich now, there can always be a break through. Pray and work towards our goals. We determine how we want to live our lives. =D

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