Thursday, June 21, 2007


Prom - an exciting, beautiful, loving, and unforgettable night. Everyone there were like prince and princesses. Dressed decently, elegantly, stylish, all are pretty and handsome. Best dress? No matter what is your size, how’s your hair, what you are wearing, everyone is a winner. All these are captured and will soon remain as an unforgettable experience for everyone. Taking photos non-stop, is this the only thing that will preserve the moment?

As for me, I am sure not to forget this night. The guys coming over to fetch us, unintentionally, we were late – putting on our make up, doing our hair, putting on our best dress. Opening the door seeing them smartly dressed. Grown up boys.

Reaching the hotel, all you can see are beautiful people with bright smile on the faces. Seeing our classmates – CEO look, fatherly look, mature look, well, they all look good. Nice food, good MC, grand place, what else do we expect more?
It was certainly a tiring but enjoyable day.

Off to a short tour, we went to Kajang, wanted to eat the famous Kajang Sate but left without having even a bite of it. But we went to PD the next day - Excited. The first thing we did was watch fantastic 4 2. That movie was awesome; cut away the cold, all are good. We went to Yatch Club after that. We went to the beach, running along to beach, we ran across baby crabs – screaming, terrified, and finally a big laugh – stepping on baby crabs? Lol… its really a new thing.

Sitting on the rocks, listening to the wave, looking at the sun, appreciating the beauty of nature. The four of us later went for a delicious home cooked dinner. CRABSSsssssssss… finally, some pd crabs. Later, back at the beach, no alcohol, just some time together with friends.

Being at two places at a time, at the top of Tanjung Tuan, at the peak of the light house, enjoying the view. Time flies, sending my friends to the train station and buying a ticket home for myself. Being at the bus station, the end of the vacation. Must all good things come to an end? Its just like looking at the horizan, we do not know for certain what is coming our way, we just wish for the best. All are in the hands of God, living every single day to the fullest, just enjoying all that are happening around.

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Ernie said...

this was a G-R-E-A-T post serena. keep it coming!!!

do we get some photos???