Saturday, November 10, 2007


Voice 1:
What good are you here? It makes no difference. Where is the restart button? Or even better, the delete button in life. You have done nothing much but brought people heart ache and miseries into their life. What’s the point of being good to everyone when you yourself are not feeling good? You’ve been a hypocrite without any personalities. You’ve done many things that you know you shouldn’t have done. Quit trying to be good. Quit smiling when you’re sad. Quit being good to people. Its not like they can’t live without you. Stop trying to be a good person. There are more outside then the na├»ve world that you are living in. You’ve been weak since you came here. You never cried back then. What made you a weakling? What’s good of you when you still perform badly even after so much effort and planning and preparation? I just want to leave this place. What would it be like if you have never come here? All your close friends are leaving one by one anyways. There’s no one here that really cares, they have their own life to live. Perhaps its time for you to leave this place as well. Nothing worth dwelling. Anyways, this place always makes you sick. Just leave everything behind. Don’t bother, not a single soul will even realize.

Voice 2:
Think about all the good things that had happened here. Think about all the awesome people around. Those who are forever encouraging and will always spend time and be with you. Think about how you’ve grown spiritually since you came here. Think about all the people that were happy because of you. Think about the difference you have made. You’re not weak, you’re improving. Your time here might be a challenge but you will surely have a year of increase ahead. Continue to believe. Continue to have faith and hope. Continue to give. Continue to take responsibilities. You know you can’t turn back time but you can surely make up for the lost time. There are still many friends here. You have everything here. Everything is provided for you. What else do you expect more? Learn to be thankful. Learn to have commitment. Learn from your mistakes and stop criticizing yourself. Continue to live happily and make the best out of the time you have left here.

There are many voices telling us different things in life. How we feel and act often depends on which voices we follow… But for now, I just want to go HOME!!! It’s a peaceful place where you know that all things are planned out for you and that you have nothing to worry about.

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