Sunday, November 11, 2007


“I realized that you don’t like to make decisions”

How can someone make a decision when you know that all your current choices will lead to nothing but miseries?
How can you make a choice when you have totally no knowledge about the situation? or limited knowledge?
How can you make a decision when you know that either party will get hurt? Or will be offended.

But then in life, there are many times that we have to decide in life. And we have to live with the consequences. Its not fair to leave it to others to make decisions in your life. Learn to make decisions, learn to take responsibilities. Learn to set the pros and cons and make decisions even though you have to live with the cons. If everything is as easy as a pancake, where’s the excitement anyways?

It always seems easier when we don’t have to make a decision. But life goes on, and the decisions we make now determines our future. Thanks for that statement and thanks for reminding.

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