Friday, November 16, 2007

Evaluation time

There are times that we just feel uneasy; something is playing in our mind. But the worst is we don’t know what the thing that is bothering us is.

1. What comes first in our life? Well, the answer is of cause God. But often, when people start serving, and be too engrossed, they might loose focus or I would like to say focusing on the wrong thing. With me, it all started with God - serving Him, doing His work, just happy being there with Him. But at times, it feels like I’m trying to please other people rather than Him. But we can connect the situation like, that person loves Him, so if you help that person, indirectly, you are pleasing Him. What I mean is that the things we are doing is not wrong, but we still do it out of the inconvenience, they might not know, but I’m pretty sure that He knows what’s in our heart. But are we really trying to please Him or please human? Often, we need to just sit down and evaluate.

2. Practice makes perfect. But when you are practicing the wrong thing, you’ll be perfectly doing the wrong thing. And in the long run, it’ll turn into routine and before you know it, it’ll be a habit. For example, when someone wants to play guitar, he has minimum knowledge of what is going on. If he continues to practice the wrong way, he’ll be the guitarist that is perfectly playing in the wrong beat all the time. And all his practices are some sort of useless. All he needs is someone good to be able to take some time out and teach. And when he practices the right thing, with the same amount of time, he might turn into a good guitarist. All I’m saying is that if we practice the right thing, we can be a master of it and when we practice the wrong thing, we might turn out to be the master of disaster. So, maybe we should sit down and evaluate if we are practicing the right things in life.

3. Everything in life had been easy for you. You have been the most popular person around, you have been the smartest person around, and everyone loves you. What if one day, when you go to a new place, everyone ignores you, all that you do is insignificant to them, you are not as smart as you used to be and things around seem to fall apart, and suddenly, you are a nobody. Well, it will be quite an impact I would say. But never the least, just be yourself, do the things that is good and continue to walk the righteous way. People noticing our presence is not that important after all. When no one is watching, we know that He’ll be there to lead us, guide us, and is always there for us. Maybe its time for us to sit down and evaluate our actions and if you’re right, don’t change for the sake of fitting in.

* Am finally back home. Having lots of time to evaluate and ponder about the things that have been going around. Sometimes, in our hectic lives, we might want to take some time out and just look at things around. Maybe there are more good around that you think there are.

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