Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Little things in Life

Human just like to complain. The hundreds of good things you do for them, they sometimes just rather remember the few wrongs you did. Haih…
Learn!!! Learn to see even the small things that people do. Don’t just complain!!! People might be tired hearing us complain day and night.
And when the things has pass, just let it go. Don’t keep it in your mind forever. Something are good to remember. But people’s fault, as long as they are willing to change, don’t penalize them if they accidentally do it once or twice, as long as they are aware of it.
Sometimes, we tend to overlook the good things people do for us. They do it everyday, it becomes a habit. And we often forget to thank them. it has become such a usual routine that we often overlooked their kindness.
But that’s not the real thing I want to share.

Here’s just something I wanted to share:
That day, my dad was driving us back to Ipoh. I always fall asleep in the car. Every time we travel, I will just doze off. This time, it was night. Well, its not the first time we travel at night, in fact, we do it very often. But this time, I tried to stay up for the whole journey. TRIED. It wasn’t easy. I think I dose off here and there and eventually fell asleep. Only then I realize that its not an easy thing to drive a long journey, especially at night. Everything left and right seems the same. Not easy to focus and stay alert the whole journey.
I was just amazed. Every time I get into the car, I know that I’ll reach my destination safely. And as time pass, I took it for granted.
I’ll always say thank you after every journey. Often, it was said too easily. I mean, you are brought up saying it. So its basically already programmed in you.
Such a wonderful thing people do for us. =D
Am just so so so blessed =D

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