Friday, November 09, 2007

Decision Making

There are many things in life that lead us to make decisions. How to decide? For whom your decisions are based upon? What is the solution?

Do upon others what you want others to do unto you.
You know that this is not what you want people to treat you if future. But your decision might bring benefits to others. Hurting one person deeply and pleasing others, can this be justified? What is ‘correct decision?’ Of cause it first has to be pleasing in God’s eyes. After that, which come next - Our close ones, or the third party, or me?

But there are pros and cons in all decisions we make. Are we supposed to make the decision that pleases the most people? Are we supposed to make the decision that brings us most benefit? Are we suppose to make the decision based on the long run and short run cost and benefit – private and external? Or do we just let it be and follow the flow? Well, different situation requires different ways of handling it. We can come to the same conclusion despite the different route taken. However, the journey taken does matter.

Sometimes things might be hard to decide. Are our decisions being disrespectful, arrogant, selfish, hypocritical … haih… Its just hard to please everyone, especially when all sides are neutral. I realized that from every different angle you look, there are just different translations of our actions. Even history is different based on who is telling the story.

Study the people God brought into your life. Some need encouragement, time, space, affirmation… It takes an unselfish person to do this upon other person. If every of your friend needs half an hour from you everyday. What is the maximum level of friends you can fit in then? Of cause we can’t calculate it this way. But some choices we make tend to push some away and bring some closer to us.

Simple things we do can make a great difference. A simple explanation will keep us out of lots of troubles. Much of this can be avoided when we are able to make a simple and firm decision.

To be bad for once or to feel bad forever? To satisfy which party? There is always opportunity cost. Who should we seek direction from? 1. God (are we actually listening?) 2. Our family. 3. Our leaders. 4. Our trusted friend.

Some decisions just take longer time to make – for example, who to marry, how to budget for the year… But some should take a shorter time – what to eat, what time should I sleep… But some are just stuck in the grey area.

Conclusion, the longer we drag, the more difficult the situation MIGHT turn out to be. Make a firm decision and be committed to it.

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