Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second last paper for the year

Second last paper today =D. It has been some time now since my exams started. There’s just something within, troubling, confusing, can’t be explained.

Well, maybe this is just a phase that everyone has to go through. But I know that as long as I continue to have faith and continue to trust, He will indeed provide the best for each and everyone of us. But its His timing. Just continue to wait upon Him patiently.

Am going back to Ipoh today, a place where everything is planned out for you, a place where you know that everyone cares, a place you know that they will be by your side when you are down, a place where you know that anything comes your way, people around you will defend and support you till the very end. A place where you know that love is everywhere, a place where you can be still, a place that you can rest, a place where you can call HOME. =D

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