Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Life is like painting a picture. With our own two hands, we take up the paint brush, we choose the colors that we like, we have the image first in our head and then we make it the way we want.

It only takes one person to pass by to push your hand and there goes your painting, an ugly line across this perfect painting.

But it also only takes one person to stop by, share some views with you and your painting can be made better.

Painting a big picture alone, in the end, you’ll look at it, satisfied, and the those passing by might stop by and appreciate it for some time, and then move on.

But if we paint a picture in a group, like in school or children’s activity. The painting might not turn out to be such a perfect piece, but everyone who takes part in it will carry a part of it in their life.

In life, things might go well, but it only takes one person or even a small group of people to make it miserable; you might even think that all things are great until you met someone that can give you better ideas to improve your life; walking this life alone might make it look pretty, but where are we to share our joy?

“Why Lord, why? Why do you let us go through these process? So that we will endure and come out of it better? Many will tell me that. But what if Lord, what if, lets say you let me learn it through books, through my pastors, through the leaders in Church, let me understand it the east way. I promise that I’ll continue to cry out to you with a thankful heart and full of love.”

So many people going through so many rough times, Lord, have mercy Lord, have mercy. Are these really necessary?

After crying for such a long time, in the end, “May Lord, Your will be done in our lives as it is in heaven. Who else know me better than you alone?”

People are the most difficult “things” to handle. But they are the best “thing” to keep your life interesting. As it is said, no man is an island.

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