Thursday, January 01, 2009


Second blog of the day. I just attended MCC ( Malaysian Christian Conference) 2008 in Wokingham. Helping out in the children’s ministry, I have indeed learned a lot from them.

Their cheer, all things are possible. Yes, I know that with God, all things are possible. But do I just know it and not fully believing in it? Just this 4 short days with the children, I was able to see that when they say it with full of energy, they believed in it. It was not just something that this nobody is telling them, they truly believed and are happy to know it. It really speaks to me that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Preparing what to teach them, I learned a lot more myself.

The way that they receive the word of God, is so encouraging. They do not doubt it, they do not question it, they just believe it as it is.

Teaching them the story of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, looking from a different point of view at this story, we see that he first purpose in his heart to want to see Jesus, then he put in effort and climb up the tree. And later when he had an encounter with Jesus, he changed. And in returned, he started to give back and bless all those around. I always thought that this is just a nice story about bad short people can turn and be good people. It actually thought me that in doing things, we first must have purpose in our life, then we need to put in effort and when we align it with God’s plan, in the end we can bless others.

Before I went to the camp, I prayed everyday, for each and every child by name even before I knew them. First time, leading the children that are born in the UK, I was clueless of what to expect, but indeed God has answered my prayers and helped me throughout this whole camp. Giving me ideas and helping me to connect with them.

I learned how to serve humbly, without expecting anything in return. But to my surprise, the parents are so generous, they gave me CD, book, and chocolates. Indeed God is really good. I really find joy in serving Him and sowing into people’s life. When we take the first step of wanting to serve Him with the right purpose, He will indeed give us wisdom and help us every step that we go.

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