Saturday, February 14, 2009

Festival of LOVE

It is this festival of LOVE again, VALENTINE day!!! This is a festival when lovers get more romantic than usual, it’s a festival where they are to spend a little more than usual on a very special meal and exchange a little gift from the heart.

I just read a story written by my friend Joash, a very touching and lovely story. His stories are one of the best original short stories that I enjoy reading very much. (highly recommended)

For those of my single friends out there, it’s a day for us to celebrate as well, don’t miss out this festival of love, for some, this is the day where new relationships begin, this is the day where girls get to feel special and guys to show their gentle side.

No, this is not a sad day for the singles, it is how you view it, who you spend it with, and how you treasure each friendship. If you’re feeling lonely at home, just find a couple of friends and hang out together. If you like a peaceful valentine’s day, just have a few friends over for a movie and some pizza.

Go out, invite the friends who you know are going to be alone, let them know that this festival of love is for all to share. Show love to them by buying them little gifts, some chocolates perhaps, and just go out and have a good meal together. We can make a difference, make each and everyone feel special because deep inside, we know that everyone are special in their own special way.

For those who have their special dates, enjoy yourselves, cherish the moments that you with each other.

We can all make a difference, living footprints on the sand, SHARE THE LOVE.


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