Thursday, June 12, 2008

HaPpy BdaY tO AgNes

This post in specially dedicated to Agnes Koh!!!
Our beloved housemate, who is often stress because of exams, study non-stop…

These are some of usual phrase :

“Zen De Ma – (really ar?)”
“Good good, very good!!!”
“Wo gen in jiang ar – (let me tell you)”
“My goodness-y – (Oh, my goodness)”

Mocha - clocolate cake

Happy g@l with her cake and fav kaya banana dessert

Food for all

Our housemates plus Michelle who is in the photo, MIA

Little girl growing up, tomorrow finishing her first Sem exams.

Dun see her small small, growing up to be a lady soon liao, going to STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR tomorrow, shopping and makan makan!!!

Really blessed with all these “crazy crazy” housemates.

*yeah, tomorrow last day of exams liao for me too... after that go makan and straight to camp!!! =D

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