Friday, March 09, 2007

New pillars, same foundation

All these while, YY cell group have treated me well, they cared for me and have really made me fell like home...:D they are indeed a blessing to the people all around them... Its finally that i'm going to officially join City Harvest... Having to come and meet new and old friends, i've come to know that God has place us in a place where there are countless people to care for us. He has plans for us even if thing does not turn out the way we expect it to be. But as time pass, i'm able to see more clearly what happened and that did i made the right choice. Indeed much faith is needed and that we must continue to pray for all around us... Today is the "farewell" day to all my dearest cell members, will miss them much and will indeed continue to pray for them. And today i also found out that another prayer of mine have been fulfilled. This is indeed a relief. One of my friend is currently attatched and i'm glad that he found what he wants. Today's cell meeting is more of an open topic day and we chat about many things.

Continue in this college life, exams are near and getting nearer and nearer as time pass. I really need to stay focus and not be affected by the surroundings. Self control and a river full of knowledge is what i need... :)

I still need a figure to pledge. How much? Is it enough? Is this what i can afford? What are my intentions? Is this the right move...... questions upon qiestions...

Life is like a "cos graph", it has its up and down. But all that i learned so far is that we should continue to pray and learn to Rest in God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto us... :)

All i'm looking forward so far is that my whole family will be happy and successful, we'll be able to testify to our friends in all ways, and that i'll achieve excellent results.. :) all the rest, i shall leave it to God.


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