Friday, December 29, 2006

its already towards the end of the year
this is indeed a holiday to remember, on the night that we finish my SEM exams, we once again went for steamboat. there were about 20++ of us there, the place was not even enough for everyone. But the smile on everyone's face clearly show that none of this really matter.

Just before i went back to my hometown, my friend and i went for extreme shopping... its almost like money falls from heaven, we just grab and pay... by night, i was already on my way home in my friend's car. can't forget when i step down the car and saw my parents. :)

few days at home and few meet up with friends indeed brought me back to old times. when i went back to my home church, i really felt the joy once again. after much chatting and lots of fellowship, i had to pack to go for a camp at pd. at first, it seems like a barrier during the holidays. but my dad himself fetch me to the destination.

the first thing that came to my mind was CRABSSSSssssss... i was there much earlier then the others. but my pd classmate(heng) came to the boredom rescue. we went up a hill to see the light house under the rain... first time hiking under the rain... lol... when all the scholars arrived, the place is immediately packed. i felt so small when i was talking to them, but this is special situation. the best saying that i learned from this camp is "diamond is a piece of coal that did well under pressure". so, i just hope that place will indeed polish me. :) we played cards(BLUFF) non stop... i thought irving to bluff but that honest person was always caught bluffing.. lol.. one of the thing that i can't forget is when we went kayaking. it was getting dark when we were on our way back home. its like we are not even moving despite that we were using all our strength... we(shalini and i) were losing site of the kayak(angelyn and kelvin) behind, so, i decided that we'll paddle to the nearest shore and rest. i called arthur and by the grace of God, he went and got us rescued. when we were near, i could see some of my friends waiting anciously but was very glad that we came back safely. i felt good to have such friends that care. after that, we went for the BBQ party and went all the way to Seremban for a midnight movie. Heng and Brandon drove us there. the curse of the golden flower was an OK movie... but ju vern and i was sleeping(too tired) throughout the movie. by the time we went back, it was already 3am. this is the first i time i went out till so late without my parents permission. but i waited for heng to reach home safely before going to bed. the next morning, asvin's dad picked us up from kl. on the way home, i got the message saying that i got 2As and 3Bs for my SEM. i really thanked God that i did not fail my chemistry. when i reached home, i checked again... just that i realise that i got the wrong message.... but i was laughing in front of my computer screen.... i actually got 3As and 2Bs. this is a gift from God before christmas :)

the later days, spent it with my church youths... we had christmas presentation in pengkalan, main church.... i recieved lots of chocolate i=this christmas, am very very very happy... i also got a handphone holder from the ngoos, chocolate from mok, more chocolate from the Lais, presents from melody.... and very very nice chocolates from my sister and my cousins.. this christmas can be called a CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS..... we also had BBQ party with a fun high praise... visitations... makan at Mok's place, movie at my place, football and games at Ngoo's place... enless practices in church... ... it was real fun hanging with these people. we just laugh non stop. the gatherings brought us closer and we grew much stronger in faith.

its only a week left before school re-open. haih....

i'm very thankful that everything went on well throughout this year... eventhough there were some blurness here and there but all in all, everything went well...

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