Sunday, March 18, 2007

Break Fast, not breakfast...

Since CNY, my sis decided that we should start fasting to pray for our family and the people around us. :) Since i'm only eating 2 meals a day, i can't probabily fast any meal. Therefore, i decided to fast NUGGETS and CRABSTICKs ( my daily breakfast and i like it very much)... its a forty days fast.. my bro, sis and mum fast and pray.. last Friday, i thought of doing more... fasting INTERNET. this is a very very big sacrifice.. my daily routine is disturb (wake up, online, go college, sleep). But it worn't be called Fasting if we are not willin to give up something that meant a lot to us... I started and it was a 89% success. (failed cos have to send online messages for college's club). There were a few main points of prayer that i focus on this whole week... dad's business, mum's health, elder sister's work, second sister's visa, bro's competitions, younger sis's studies.... my own studies, my friends, and i also prayed for a cell group member(so that he'll find his soulmate)- this issue just came into my mind and i prayed for him. =) this fast was interesting and i learned to be more discipline, more focus, and i'm a step nearer with my walk to God.. =)

Saturday, Keith talked about commitment.... Its easy to be committed to the things that we like.. but it takes a lot of strength, courage, faith... etc.... to be really 100% committed. His points were
1. Committed to know God- His words and Prayer.
2. Committed to serve Him through His church.
What about the commitment to study, family, friends, reletionships, work................. hmmmmmmm.....

there's still a long time for me here, before i leave Malaysia, my friends, my family, my church... As i continue my days through trails and temptations, happiness and joy, may everyone see the glory of God through us and that we will continue to draw closer to Him.

* Fast and pray is effective =)

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